Lodon One Eye

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Lodon One-eye

Notable Traits:

  • Looks to be about forty years old
  • Dresses in flip-flops, board shorts, and netting.
  • Wears a pair of children's swim goggles modified into an eye patch over right eye.

Pack: TBA

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Lake that Land Forgot


Lodon One-Eye is a predator, an old hunter with a strong sense of survival. His heart is closer to Sea than UnSea, in thought and practice. He holds the Rokea laws with unrivaled ferocity.

Rokea Only

Name: No-Prey-Remains

Title: Leviathan

Breed: Squamus

Auspice: Brightwater

Type: Great White

Timeline Items before 2011 are available to Rokea only

1020 – Born south of Florida in the Caribbean.

1042 – First Change, Beginning of Long Swim to explore Sea and meet with other Rokea

1132 – Meeting with other Rokea from east coast, Specifically, Bringer Of Bloody Waters, a cousin among the hammerhead Slews.

1133 – 1450 – Open Timeline for ties.

1450 – First Meeting with Humans, Lodon sinks ships traveling through his territory in an effort to scare them away.

1492 – Rumors spread of more humans traveling the Sea, Lodon begins organizing slews to harass the vessels. First signs of being a Leviathan present themselves after Lodon is speared to death by humans, only to return to life after some time passes.

1510 – 1625 – Lodon observes human settlement of UnSea, decides to travel around coastal waters to see if humans are invading across the Sea.

1626 – 1770 – Lodon travels up and down West coast of North America. Seeing little activity of note, he returns to home waters.

1770 – 1900 – Having returned to his home, Lodon breeds many children while taking care of his home Grotto. He teaches his children the ways of Sea, and to be aggressive against the Dirtwalkers that seek to invade their home and poison their waters. Rumors abound that humans are to blame for the weakening of the Grottos and their totem spirits. As Leviathan to his people, Lodon will travel to Turna’a to meet with the other Leviathans from around the Sea.

1955 – Attends the meeting at Turna’a to discuss what should be done about the human threat with the other Leviathans from across the Sea. Notable meeting: UnSea's Bane. During the explosion of the nuclear test warhead, Lodon is wounded gravely, but survives.Pending Approval*

1965 – Return to Home waters.

1970 – During attack on human scuba team, is shot with a speargun, scaring his face and putting out his left eye.

2011 – Convinced by his curious children, Lodon attends a meeting of Betweeners off the coast of North Carolina. He and his cousin, Bringer of Bloody Waters, get into an altercation with a slew of betweeners and slaughter them.

2014 – On his journey from the shores of North Carolina, discovers a sept of Garou that are losing a battle for their Cairne in South Carolina. He decides to watch from the sea.

2015 – Joins the Sept in Charleston after watching the Garou struggle to survive.


  • Lodon used to be a Leviathan, but has lost this trait somehow.
  • Lodon regularly eats human children.
  • If put into a situation where he would need to chose between the Garou Litany and the Rokea Laws, he would break the Litany in a heartbeat.
  • Feel free to add your own!

OOC Information

Player: Bryan Namiotko

Player Email: US2010106788@gmail.com

Storyteller: Connie Hume

Storyteller Email: Charlestonmesgarou@gmail.com

Location: Charleston SC