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Name: Luke Fisker
Alt ID: (Known to Supernaturals) Loki, God of Mischief
Auspice-elodoth.png Tribe storm lords.png
Asgardian Art.jpg
  • "Clever. I never thought he'd listen to a Beyonce song." - Dr. Odin Glapsvin
  • "Not surprisingly, always up for a prank, but a little prickly about NIMBY" - Marcus Cain

  • He is well known in the Austin Art Scene as an Art Dealer.
  • Sometimes, when he purchases art, it never makes it to the museums and galleries for sale.
  • He has an obvious connection to the Asatru community, but sometimes, his friends call him Loki? Surely he doesn't believe he's a god...

Friends and Family

  • I Knew I Loved You, by Savage Garden [1]
  • Loki, by Rébellion [2]
  • The End of All Things, by Panic! at the Disco [3]
  • Immigrant Song, by Led Zeppelin [4]
  • Run to You, by Pentatonix [5]
  • Rather Be, by Pentatonix [6]
  • Centuries, by Fallout Boy [7]