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“So, I assume you've come here to make arrangements. But unfortunately, I don't fuck losers.” - Kathryn, Cruel Intentions

Dancing with the Devil


Name: Lola Cassidy
Goes by: Lola
Notable Traits: Notoriously unrepentant mean girl
Embrace: 1969
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Toreador Antitribu

Prima Ballerina

Lola might have been a sweet girl at some point, but that time is long past. With the face of an angel, and the soul of the damned, Lola is sharp-tongued bitch. Devoutly loyal member of her pack, Lola can be found alongside her pack, ready to raise hell at a moment’s notice.

Biography of a Burn Out

Born to wealthy parents in California, all Lola ever wanted to be a was Prima Ballerina. She started dancing as toddler, and never stopped. Quickly Rising to the top of every class, she was a natural born star. She attended The Julliard School, graduating at the top of her class, and landing a position as the Prima Ballerina of the San Fransico Ballet Company. Ten glorious years she was at the top, but year 11 she was no longer the Prima Ballerina, and was fighting for her place as the star of each performance with a younger ballerina. It was that year that she was attacked. Her leg was shattered, from hip to ankle. The recovery was long, multiple surgeries, months of recovery, and re-learning to walk after such a tragic accident. The result of this was that the formerly athletic, active dancer gained weight. Had to relearn to dance, and instead of taking the high road, became the bitter, anger filled creature she is known as today. A coke habit formed as she tried to shed weight, and during that time she was embraced by a Toreador Ishtarii...who thought she was someone else. She was the wrong embrace. She leaves after just a few months, finding her way into two separate fosterings, and eventually into the sabbat, taking to their doctrine and methodologies like a fish to water.

Oh my god...did you know?:

* Lola can no longer dance, it's why she's so bitter.
* Lola should have been killed in the attack that broke her leg, it was the original intention.
* She has no respect for the Sabbat, despite what she says.
* She used to work for a pair of witches, but never called herself one.
* Rumor

Allies, Frenemies, Enemies, oh my!

Esperanza de Capillas Jozef Prinz NAME HERE NAME HERE NAME HERE NAME HERE


The Lies We Tell Ourselves:

  • Anger, angst and rage. Admirable qualities in some, but generally hurdles most try to get over. These are not emotions one should dwell on, perhaps she will learn in time? Either way, her choices are hers to make. - Jozef Prinz
  • She was a lovely girl and I would have gladly called her niece if not for her...unfortunate political choices. I did my duty before she made that choice, though. I taught her as much as I could in her time with me. I just regret that we all must make our own decisions and mistakes regardless of advice given. - Rhiannon Byrd
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RP Opportunities

I'm always looking for a good story complication. So contact me!

*Camarilla Toreador Ishtarri Sire - 10th Gen
*You want drugs? She knows where to get them.
*Lovers - Spurned, Unrequited - And the heart-wrenching, overwrought drama that goes with it.
*Folks She’s fought with


Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Position: None
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 11th
Lineage: Unknown
Pronouns: She/Her

OOC Information

Player: Bee Moore
Email: Bee
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Storyteller: Phoenix Sabbat VST
Contact: [1]
Wiki Stylings of: Courtney Bailey
Add'l Edits by: Bee Moore & Abby Estes


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