Looks Both Ways

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Looks Both Ways

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Brief History

Silas Abernathy was a deadbeat. Dropped out of college. Tried to go back to his hometown where he's been mildly 'cool' as a wide receiver for their mediocre football team. Ended up working at a pizza place doing delivery, until he got fired for eating the ingredients in the walk in freezer and giving his friends free hand outs. He was bus driver after that. Still trying to stay in touch with his childhood well into his thirties. It wasn't until the bus he was driving nearly got hit head on by a drunk driver that he woke up. His spirit finally matured in that instant and it was likely the reflexes of his first change that saved the children on the bus.

Current Status

Silas Abernathy looks older than he probably is. He's just a fostern. He doesn't like to talk about his age. He blames it on all the Bastet. Everyone knows he loves them though. Why else would he drive them around. He's grumpy, he's ornery, and he's defensive. But he knows how to get places, he knows how to get things, and he knows how to listen.



Pack Totem: Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing Uggs and an Infinity Scarf

Totem Affinities: Pack Link, 'Cause Bitches be texting! Spirit Bond, 'Cause we've got spirit, how 'bout you! Resilience, 'Cause Bitches be tough! Skill Aptitude: Brawl, 'Cause Bitches ain't afraid to knock you out! Umbral Aptitude, 'Cause bitches go where they like!

Totem Goals: Spread the word and the love of SquadGoals. Totem Ban: If it is meant to be a caffeinated beverage, whether it is coffee, tea, or soda, do not drink a decaffeinated version.


  • 1975 - Born
  • 1993 - Graduated Towson High School - Star Wide Receiver
  • 1995 - Dropped out of Towson College - Scholarship pulled because of grades.
  • 1995-2006 - Pizza Delivery - Fired for giving too many freebies to the High Schoolers
  • 2006-2013 - Bus Driver
  • 2013 - First Change - Caused drunk driver nearly running school bus off the road.
  • 2013 - Ceremony at Towson High for saving all the kids and to celebrate his football career
  • 2014 - Noticed by Squad Goals during a rally at Towson College. Took over for their sick bus driver.