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  • 1925 - Ipsum is made a ghoul in the service of ERASED.
  • 1930 - He is embraced by ILLEGIBLE.
  • 1940 - Released from accounting.


Player: Alex W. Email
Storyteller & Email: Charley T. Email
Wiki Designer & Email: John R. Email

Ties Sought

  • Clients
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • Boons


Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Southeastern Missouri
Titles & Positions:

  • Expert Book Maker and Caligrapher
  • Primogen for clan Toreador in Southeastern Missouri
  • Seneschal of Southeastern Missouri


  • Ipsum is unusually large, often having to stoop to go through doorways.

Abiding Status

  • Acknowledged
  • Noble as Toreador Primogen in Southeastern Missouri
  • Noble as Seneschal of Southeastern Missouri

Fleeting Status

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  • His books all contain a sort of code hidden in the curves of the letters themselves.
  • His large size isn't a result of his embrace.


  • "Books have a hypnotic scent to them. The joy, the passion, the knowledge--it leaves a fine scent as you turn the page. Hmmmm? Oh this? This is a romance book. Before you turn up your nose, romantic tales have their place. It shows how society, how humanity has evolved and changed they way they look upon the relations between one another. There was a time where such tales would be forbidden as they did not fit the strictures of society. One was not passionate about a lover. One was in the bed for one thing and one thing alone, procreation.... to be honest, it is more entertaining now. Besides, do you know how privileged you are to be able to read at all?" --Aysel J. Scott
  • "A true master of his art. One will not be disappointed with Mr. Ipsum's work for the touches of passion and creativity he weaves into his work brings about a deeper appreciation for the love of books." --Jared Wynters
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