Lorenco Manuel de Aveiro

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Who Is This Kindred?


  • 1786 - Born into poverty near the wharfs of Lisbon.
  • 1818 - Lieutenant on the second Corsair ship Captained by Hippolyte Bouchard. Present for the taking of Monterey, CA from the Spanish.
  • 1818 - Creation Trials begin.
  • 1819 - Joined a group of bandits that led him out to Texas.
  • 1820 - Joined the Monastic order seeking forgiveness.
  • 1823 - Embraced as Magister by Magdalena Ysabel Adelaid Carmona de Salaza.
  • 1828 - Released from Accounting
  • 1830 to 1852 - Leaves the company of Magdalena and heads to the ports of Texas. Begins ferrying Sabbat between Europe and the Americas.
  • 1852 to 1880 - While in Europe tours Catholic Churches and Religious sites with Victor Kaiser and learns the Righteous Path of Night
  • 1880 to 2002 - Nomadic Sabbat traveling the West Coast and Pacific Rim.
  • 2002 to 2010 - During the Nights of Turmoil, ferried Sabbat from US to Mexico City working in conjunction with the Black Hand. He also worked with other Sabbat to form an Underground railroad during that time.
  • 2010 to 2017 - Returns to the West Coast of the US and foster business trade with the Pacific Rim and Orange County.


Lorenco has been many things in his life. He has been poor and rich, a sailor and a captain, a bandit and a monk. Now he is a Keeper, a Mystic and Branded. There is no doubt upon meeting him that the blood of a royal clan courses through his veins. As steeped in mystery as the shadows the Lasombra are known for, yet humble to a God he believes has given him Divine Purpose.
"A vintage-looking map of Portugal and Spain"
"Two recessed shelves, containing an old ship's wheel and a number of leatherbound books"
"Two recessed shelves, containing a decorated box, a gold-inlaid teacup without a handle, and two bottles of wine"

Known Information

  • Lorenco seems to be more concerned about the Silence of the Blood and the Security of the Sect than most others.
  • His business seems related to trade in Asia and South America, though it's unclear exactly what that business is.
  • Lorenco is a religious man and obviously Catholic. He even serves other Cainites as a confessor.
  • He has an affinity to the sea and does not travel often away from the coast.
  • He has in the past used his ties to the sea to transport Sabbat safely during times of war. During the Nights of Turmoil, he helped the Black Hand move Sabbat to Mexico City.


  • Lorenco is deeply affected by the alignment of stars, planets and the moon.
  • Lorenco was a pirate as a mortal, and is a pirate still.
  • Lorenco doesn't like to be called a Pirate and will correct you that he was a Corsair.
  • Lorenco betrayed those closest to him as his final trial with the Black Hand.
  • Lorenco has no sense of Loyalty as proven from moving from the Loyalist movement to the Black Hand.

Patrons and Kin

Close Family

"A wooden niche containing a bust of the Virgin Mary"



OOC Information

Looking for Ties

  • Business associates in trade and logistics
  • Filling in gaps in timeline.
  • Old Packmates
"A vintage-looking map of the Mediterranean"

Character Information

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