Lorenzo "Enzo" Giovanni

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"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." – C.S. Lewis

Name: Lorenzo Giovanni di Athánatous
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Athánatous Foitités Elénchou
Generation: 7th
Sect: Independent Alliance

Notable Traits:
Strangly Human for an Elder Gio

Title or Position:

1452 - Born in Italy
1468 - Begins working for merchant caravan
1478 - Takes over merchant caravan
1480 - Proxy Kiss
1490 - Expands caravan, taking residence in Italy once more in a managerial role.
1505 - Embraced
1527 - Begins making frequent trips to continue "living in the Renaissance."
1550 - Sells merchant caravan business. Begins writing fantasy novels.
1600 - Entered a relationship with Agnese Giovanni di Calderari. The two Giovanni authors produced great works during these years together.
1601 - First novel, "The Quest for the Agate Baboon." A medieval styled adventure novel that ends with them introducing magic to the world.
1614 - Second novel, "Candied Dreams." A risque romance between an older man and his younger lover. Set in a world similar to Candy Land.
1630 - Third novel, "Journey for the Emerald Frog," a sequel to Agate Baboon. Using their newfound magic they quest for another item, a primary character dies.
1643 - Fourth novel, "Expedition for the Golden Hippo." Part 3: The third of the four regalia is quested after. The tale of the regalia is told. They find the steam powered technology of the ancestors.
1648 - Stops traveling so often to settle in Sicily.
1650 - Begins taking an interest in science for his writing, but doesn't really understand it. Frequently funds inventors.
1662 - Fifth novel, "Ice Cold Jewels," A stand alone about an elderly fashionista and her scorn for the world. Until our protagonist, a hapless screw up, enters her life.
1700 - After drifting apart for a few year as their work became more interesting to them than their love, breaks things off with Agnese Giovanni di Calderari.
1750 - Begins to fund the industrial revolution.
1760 - Attends a dinner in Prussia, laying eyes on Fredrick the Great from afar.
1761 - Moves to Russia, learning the language and funding their industrial advancement.
1770 - After reading Voltaire, stops funding religious pursuits.
1904 - 1905 - Travels to America to help establish a new city in Nevada. What would eventually become Las Vegas. Meets Angus Dunsirn.
1921 - Travels to US to bail out certain family members from the great depression.
1945 - Assist Giulia Elena della Passaglia Giovanni in increasing industry in Venice

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Lorenzo "Enzo" Giovanni di Athánatous

Domain: Bahamas
Player: Joshua Fischer
Email: freemind.design89@gmail
Direct Story Teller: Rain Pletcher
MES Number: US2011067762
Location: Jefferson City, MO