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LostMoonName (1).jpg

Character Description


Name: LostMoon

Deeded: Cliath - Eagle's Relic Hunter - Fostern - HowlsJoy

Notable Traits: Has pale grey eyes, and scars on much of her body from before the change.

Breed: Lupus

Tribe: Silver Fang

House: Austure Howl

Auspice: Ragabash

Place of Birth: Forests of the British Isles

Pack: Omega of Wyvern's Storm

Rank: Fostern

Gender: female

Age: 3

Height: Just under 6 foot

Alt ID "Human" Name: Lucy Moon

Employment: Haven Anglesey Wolf Sanctuary

Notable Traits:

Ragsymlm.png Curious
Ragsymlm.png Stealthy often listens from concealment.
Ragsymlm.png Avoids many "human" things especially technology as dangerous.
Ragsymlm.png Dislikes Homid Form Immensely seeing her in it is EXTREMELY rare.
Ragsymlm.png Wears a seashell necklace. LMGiftNecklace.jpg
Ragsymlm.png Has a Spirit-Friend - Falcon Spirit-FriendFalcon.png



- Wolf born in the wilds of the British Isles.

- Travels with her Mate and 2 cubs, after being chased out of her home by humans

- Guided to the Sept by a spirit of Falcon

Public Information

Ragsymlm.png Wolf born
Ragsymlm.png Family and Pack are absolute.

Lost-Moon's Family

Wolf-kinLM (1).jpg


Lost-Moon Den Entrance.png

Lost-Moon Den.png

Wolf Sanctuary - Wolf-Kin

Haven Anglesey Wolf Sanctuary

LMWS Wolfkin.jpg


Ragsymlm.png Harm her family and be prepared for a death you will not see coming.
Ragsymlm.png Likes Tic Tac Toe - beach version.
Ragsymlm.png the pirate ship she has hanging up. Was a gift from Art O'Mannion from a bar fight they where in together.
Ragsymlm.png(Feel free to add your own)

Quotes by Eagle's Relic Hunter

Ragsymlm.png Thoughts on Name - Sept of The Oak Vale:

"This wolf has learned that names are important. Deed-names are given to wolves and place names for homes are important to. OakVale is the name of the Sept. Oak Trees are strong, and enduring. They house many animal family. Give food and shelter. Give protection and warmth. They protect the animals. Give life are life. No matter the storms of snow-times come snow-melt-time, Tree comes back again. Strong and green with food and warmth for all. When LostMoon came. Offer protection for family, offer shelter from danger. Offer food. Offer healing. LostMoon is just cub. But thinks name OakVale is true to what Sept gives. "

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Quotes About Eagle's Relic Hunter

Ragsymlm.png "Beautiful young wolf. So protective of her cubs. She is closer to the Mother than she realizes." Keeva
Ragsymlm.png "A free nature for one of her age, I hope this new world she has joined doesn't take that from her". Naomi
Ragsymlm.png "Beautiful and fierce, it was a pleasure to fight beside her." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
Ragsymlm.png One I will fight tooth and nail for. I adore her free nature,but heaven help any who dare cross her. - Art O'Mannion

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Friends, allies, and others

Ragsymlm.png Liza Payne "Guides the Storm", Master of Challenge
Ragsymlm.png RedFang
Ragsymlm.png Uncle Erecul, Truth Catcher
Ragsymlm.png Grave Tale
Ragsymlm.png Naomi, Tale Singer
Ragsymlm.png Tameka "Soothes the Storms"
Ragsymlm.png Arbiter of Malice
Ragsymlm.png Red Water
Ragsymlm.png Keeva
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OOC Information

Player: Ness Klohn

E-mail: ladyalita@gmail.com

Story Teller: , Liam D

ST Staff list: [1]

VSS: Wales, UK