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Commonly Known to Kindred Society


Name: Lotte Peeters

Clan: Malkavian

Society: The Anarch Movement


Notable Traits: Lotte is forgettable and largely forgotten, fading into the background as much as she can, swallowed by a voluminous coat. With short hair of no particular color and eyes that hover somewhere between blue and green and grey, it would be hard to describe her if she didn't walk with a noticeable limp. Although reclusive, Lotte is the soul of kindness and is well known within her sect - and even to some outside it - for taking in strays, kindred and animal alike.


[1889] Born in Antwerp.
[1914-1916] Nurse in WWI.
[1916-1918] Travels to and is subsequently embraced in Northamptonshire, England
[1919] Arrives in US
[1920] Arrives in Anarch territory, Sonoma, CA
[1933-1943] Disappears, nowhere to be found
[1944] Helps found the Sonoma Anarch Collective
[1944] Takes over abandoned farm in Sonoma, leaves only very, very begrudgingly

The Stories I'm Telling

The Nicest Vampire You've Forgotten: Lotte never should have been a vampire. Plain, easily overlooked, and perpetually forgotten in life, she was knocked around hard by circumstance; being embraced was just the latest in a long string of unfortunate accidents. Somehow, she's retained her kindness even if that kindness has taken on a disturbing quality and is at the center of her madness.

Care Taken to its Logical Conclusion: Lotte cares deeply, about everyone and everything, and especially those that have been hurt, forgotten, or discarded. Her farm in Sonoma has become a place where vampires of nearly every sect have found a quiet place and respite away from the hustle of their political lives... sometimes not entirely intentionally. Lotte knows when someone needs mending, often before they do, and if they're not careful, she'll take it upon herself to ensure they receive the best possible care.

The Camarilla is Terrifying: Of the four major sects, the Camarilla is the most scary and Lotte knows it deep in her heart. She's the first to tell you that you always know what you're getting with the Sabbat or the Independent Alliance; they don't pretend to be anything but what they are. The Camarilla are the true monsters, hiding their true intentions behind layers of politesse. Libertas is the only path that makes any sense and Lotte is fully prepared to gently suggest (and back it up with profound kindness) that every vampire should try it.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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(Rumors - Feel Free to Add)

  • Lotte is a collector of broken dolls, both literal and metaphorical.


  • “If I am a bird, I’m one who hides in her nest. I don’t even mind when cuckoos lay their eggs here; I just hope they leave enough for me and mine.” -- Lotte
  • "You know, I don't even think she does it on purpose. She's not cultivating any of this; she simply is what she seems to be. I tried to break her with the truth, but truth be told, she broke me with it instead. I am relieved of one of my illusions by the curve of her smile. How marvelous." - Irvine
  • "She may not know this, but Lotte is the first reason I joined the movement, Irvine the second. Lotte is the example, the 'why we fight'. The Camarilla are the worst of the powerful - the kind that bought into their own scam." - Mendoza
  • "I've been bound twice. The problem with the blood bond is that when you are in it, you can't imagine anything more beautiful, because your capacity to imagine anything else has been entirely stripped from you." -- Lotte
  • "Every time some Cammie tries to ask me what it means to be an Anarch, I tell them how important to me the fellowship and camaraderie are. In the Movement, we truly all are in it together and Lotte taught me that. I've yet to know of anyone who would be a better judge of that than her." - J@ck
  • "We bond over how ridiculous our lives are, and attempt to horrify each other with increasingly improbable stories of idiocy. It's an Anarchs Forced to be Responsible Thing." - Lucy

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Player: Roo Wetzel

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Storyteller: David Egan

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Location: Sonoma, CA