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What's Up (Commonly Known Information)

Name: Charlotte "Lottie" Dunsirn-Rothstein

Notable Traits: Hermited - Eloquent - Bookish - Alternative style

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Character Soundtrack
Down In Flames - Blue Stahli
The Scarlet Dawn - Varien
Helvetios - Eluveitie
Evening Wear - Mindless Self Indulgence

The Skinny (Biography)

Charlotte Dunsirn-Rothstein, or Dr. Rothstein as she prefers, Has never been one to relish in great public gatherings. Her favorite place to be is in her lab conducting her investigations and research. Devoted to family and being a Forensic Pathologist, She is rarely seen at court, and it can be assumed that it is only at the behest of her mortal father Levi Rothstein. Lottie has always had a good relationship with her father, as she was raised by him and Asher Rothstein, to whom she refers to as her grand-sire. While its not publicly known who embraced her, as it happened overseas, it IS known that she is both Dunsirn and Rothstein. She will tell you with a roll of her eyes or a fond smile depending on her mood, that her Dunsirn mother insisted her legal name be hyphenated.

Resume (Quotes About Lottie)

Pure Conjecture (Rumors)

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OOC Information

Player: Miranda Harrell

Player Email: cattaveria@gmail.com

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Storyteller Email: masqueradevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Location: Atlanta, GA