Louis Leblanc

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Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Anarch Movement
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Thaddeus G
Storyteller: Masq VST

Character Information

Name: Aloysius "Louis" Leblanc


Clan: Lasombra


Sect: Anarch Movement

Domain: GA-010-D


The Regulars

Lineage: [[]]


  •  ?


Childer of my own:

Known History

Louis vhs.png

It’s only obvious that the world is a cruel place. If you can’t change the world, then you have to change yourself!

• Oct 26, 1851: Born in Louisiana

• July 14, 1880: Embraced by a roving band of Lasombra

• 1900: Escaped and lived on his own, wandering from place to place

• 2018: settled in Atlanta

Known Associates

  • Name. Clan. Relation. Title if available

Rumors Carved into Bathroom Stalls

  • How does he achieve such flavors for his wine?


“I do not think humans are foolish. I have respect for people who live fulfilled lives.” - Louis Leblanc

OOC Info

Player: Thaddeus G

MES Number: US2015020029

Location: Atlanta, GA