Love's First Light

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  • 3/20/1990 - Born to Emma "Blessed Witness" Cook and Kenneth "No Mind" Wong
  • 7/13/2004 - First Change - Occured when visiting cubs taunted the Metis child.
  • 2005 - Father dies while in the Umbra, due to Storm Eater's disruptions
  • 2005 - Ranked to Cliath
  • 2007 - Ranked to Fostern
  • 2009 - Ranked to Adren
  • 2011 - Ranked to Athro
  • 2015 - Ranked to Elder
  • 2016 - Mother dies while defending a Shard Caern.
  • 2018 - Arrived in Phoenix, AZ - looking for a Sept to settle into.

Musical Inspiration

Open for Ties

  • Students
  • Mentors
  • Former Fighting Friends
  • Family

Out of Character Information

Player: Bryan H. Email
Storyteller: Conner N. Email
Wiki Designer: John R. Email

Tribe: Children of Gaia
Auspice: Ragabash
Breed: Metis
Rank: Elder


  • Quick of mind and mouth.
  • Laid-back and mellow.
  • Tends to teach as opposed to command.

Location: Sept of Warriors' Wisdom

Pack: Salvagers


  • Doesn't do well during the Crescent Moon.
  • Trouble tends to find him.
  • Twisted right leg.


Born on a New Moon, the Metis who would come to be known as Love's First Light screamed his way into the world. Born of Sin, the road before him would be difficult indeed. Not for the want of love from his parents, but for the treatment he might suffer at the hands of other Garou. His parents, while remorseful for having broken the Litany, had nothing but love for the child they had brought into the world. He was given the name of Jedidiah, hoping to bless the child's life with a biblical name. Of course, it eventually shortened to Jedd for everyday life - as people were constantly calling for him to keep him out of trouble.

As he grew and learned of the Garou, he strove to do what every he could in order to live up to the expectations of Nation. He earnestly wanted to be known as one of the cunning Ragabash, who helped Gaia's plight with the tools of trickery and deception. He focused on all the lessons he could, drinking in the knowledge that the others could pass on. He did not want to fail his parents or Gaia - he would not waste his opportunities.

Shortly before he was put through his Rite of Passage, his father was killed while battling in the Umbra - it is believed the Storm Eater's disruptions caused his passing. While it was a blow to Jedd, he surged forward - throwing everything he could into becoming a Cliath of the Nation and taking his place among the Garou that defend Gaia.

Since then, he's moved ever forward. It has taken some time, but he has climbed the rank ladder with grace and a plucky attitude. Even when things went south, and they have in many instances, he's taken away some better understanding of himself and the situation.