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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Lucas "Tends the Wall" Brooks

Notable Traits: Large and imposing, Lucas has a quietly intimidating manner about him. Often smokes cigars. Loud, boisterous laugh.

Pack: The Protect-hers

Society: None

Sept: 6 Mile Slough/TBD


Lucas was just a young boy when his bisexual mother, Jen, took part in the Stonewall Riots. He had been born and raised in Greenwich Village in Manhattan without having known who his father was and vividly remembers the night his mother took to the streets with her then-lover, a woman named Lily. Rocks, beer cans and anything the crowd could get their hands on was hurled at the police and Lucas watched it all from a back alley, having snuck out of his family’s small apartment to take part in what he saw as a “good fight”. From his viewpoint, he watched the crowd surge in numbers into the thousands and lost sight of his mother and Lily. Swept up in the crowd as they took to the streets and flooded the alleyways, Lucas began to panic and he might have been lost in the churning crowd of people had it not been for Ben.

A large, burly man named Ben took Lucas up in his arms and made his way through the crowd until he managed to get Lucas far enough from the crowd that he was safe. Ben, in a few words, told Lucas to stay put and that he would look out for his mother. Having had the life scared out of him, Lucas minded the man’s words and stayed put and out of harm’s way. Later that evening, Ben proved true to his word and brought back a bloodied but grinning Lily and his mother back to their apartment. Ben said nothing but gave the boy a once-over before nodding approvingly and leaving. It would be another seven years before Lucas saw Ben again. Having grown into a large, gangly teenager and struggled with his own sexuality as a bisexual man, Lucas felt like he had no place in the world. His self-esteem was further battered by his mother’s developing alcoholism and increasingly reckless life style. Lucas took to wandering the city, making a few friends among some of the youth community of Greenwich Village and otherwise languishing with a mediocre education and little guidance in his life. Eventually, his wanderings took him down the wrong alley and he found himself at gun point and being robbed by a gang.

What happened next remains a blur in Lucas’s mind. All he remembers is feeling a Rage deep within himself churn forth, fueled by his own feelings of helplessness and humiliation. That feeling is far more familiar now but then, it was the only herald to his Change. That and the blood, claws and sudden appearance of Ben. The older man nodded begrudgingly and helped Lucas escape the city after his Change resulted in the grave injuries of three humans. The forests of upstate New York waited after all.

Ben, as known as Salmon-Talker for his uncanny hunting ability and his reputation of wisdom based off an old Irish story of the salmon of knowledge, became Lucas’s Buri-Jaan . Lucas’s father had been a Guharl and his mother was Kinfolk to the were-bears: Ben was his biological uncle on his father’s side. Tragically, Lucas’s father, William, had died at the hands of a powerful bane years before and had tasked his brother with keeping watch over his son. Lucas was soon introduced to the life he had always been meant to live and with his Buri-Jaan’s careful guidance, Lucas spent the next few years in upstate New York.

The news of his mother’s passing is what brought Lucas back to Greenwich Village. She had been killed in an auto accident, having been drinking heavily mere hours before getting behind the wheel. Lily was there at the funeral but few other familiar faces. Lucas took to the solemn task of cleaning out his mother’s apartment and trying to make sense of the direction her life had taken. He found many unsent letters addressed to him, letters of anger over his disappearance, pledged of love and stories of her true lineage and his father. Lucas spent three nights in that dingy apartment absorbing it all before becoming determined to help prevent others from being visited by his mother’s fate. Lucas spent the next few years going to community college, studying to be a nurse. He completed his education while spending weekends under Ben’s tutelage miles away in the wilderness of the forested countryside. At the completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Lucas was informed that he was now ready to move into the next phase of his life – that of a warrior of the Guharl and defender of those who could not defend themselves. Ben suggests that he finds a new world outside of New York and Lucas quickly agrees eager to see other parts of the country. Lucas accepts a position across the country in San Francisco General Hospital as a nurse. The year is 1983 and the AIDS epidemic has just begun.

Lucas came out of San Francisco a changed man. He watched helplessly as dozens of his friends, many of them gay men, died from HIV/AIDS. He took part in demonstrations across the west coast against the government’s horrifying treatment of AIDS patients and the LGBT community. He fought against those who would take away what precious little remained for people ravaged by the virus and took part in anti-logging and oil drilling eco-attacks. Changing tactics, Lucas sought to save other warriors, friends who had proven themselves time and time again over the years and joined with the US Army when they did at the outbreak of the First Gulf War and served as a combat medic for four years before being honorably discharged. He managed to save a few lives but he wondered at what cost. His time in the military had done little to change his worldview: Gaia was dying just like his friends but humanity was proving to be the disease that plagued her. Heartbroken by the pain in his life but still determined to walk the path he had forged for himself; Lucas remained in California for nearly two decades before he returned once more to New York.

Having proven himself a warrior for so long, Lucas sought refuge and peace in the familiar woods of upstate New York. He did not have to go far to once more find Ben, the same as ever save a bit more grizzled. The elder Guharl nodded with approval as Lucas told him of the deeds he had committed, of the scars he now wore with pride and the evils he had challenged. Ben then asked him what wisdom he had found in all that and Lucas took a moment before answering, “Life, no matter where it comes from or what path it follows, is worth saving. The path is long and arduous but I cannot turn away from it any longer. All wounds must be healed if we are to make Gaia whole again.”

And with that, Lucas entered the next phase of his life, as a seeker of knowledge and a Kojubat.

Lucas took to traveling extensively during the first half of the new millennium, seeking out knowledge and wisdom among his fellow Guharls, other Fera and those people who sought to heal and change the world. He took nursing jobs in a variety of hospitals and hospice care facilities, often spending long hours listening to the stories of the dying and the healing. There was much wisdom in their personal experiences and he did his best to find what he could in their shared stories. It was in second half of the decade that Lucas, his red beard now chased with white and his brown hair beginning to lighten with grey, moved to Florida to further his travels and it was here that he was caught up in the coming Apocalypse. He rarely speaks of his own role during the Dawn of the Age of the Apocalypse but what he does say is often on the lips of many other veterans: “We stood and fought with the Garou and fought to preserve Gaia. Now, we have so precious little left but we have something worth fighting for.” The discovery of the shard seeds by his people have made Lucas believe that the future lies in healing and not just tearing the Wyrm and its agents apart with bloodied claws. Gaia has a mission for the Guharl and it is to stand together and heal and guide the other shapeshifters of Her creation. With such a purpose in mind, Lucas now resides in southwest Florida and works in a small, privately funded clinic that specializes in treating and caring for Kinfolk and fellow shifters.


  • Lucas is thought to have a young child somewhere out west but he never speaks of it.
  • Lucas is said to be ferocious in battle but no one can quite remember the last time they saw him shift forms.
  • Lucas was the subject of extensive experiments while serving in the military.
  • He really hates Republicans. Really, really hates them. Rumor has it that he threw a car with a Trump sticker on it out of a grocery store packing lot once.

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