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Commonly Known


Basic Information

Name: Lucas Pope

Title: Prince of Modesto California

Notable Traits and Features: Lucas is a large man and the broad-shouldered double-breasted black business suits he wears makes him look larger. His wire rimmed spectacles paired with his dark eyes and salt and pepper hair give him a scholarly look. Lucas often wears a royal blue shirt with no tie. From his neck hangs a bronze pendant of a jeweled and elaborately carved book. His frequently wears a lapel pin of a bronze raven skull. He speaks slowly, with a strong Louisiana drawl, and chooses his words carefully.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere


Acknowledged - Camarilla

Confirmed - Machiavellian Prodigy

Authority - As prince of Modesto, CA

Commander - As prince of Modesto, CA

Sovereign - As prince of Modesto, CA

Known History

Lucas moved to the city of Modesto in 2004 and quickly became a favorite of Prince Rebeka Gerlot's court. In 2006 Prince Gerlot appointed Lucas as Seneschal, Lucas succeeded Prince Gerlot when she abdicated in 2008.

In 2017, Prince Lucas Pope executed the Ventrue Nicholas Cavanaugh for treason.

Easily Learned


  • "He has a great deal to work with in his city, and none of his citizens are excused from his tests of their character. One truly hopes he can get sufficient hands to make the work lighter for himself."
    - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "He is a wonderful example of what Clan Tremere can achieve socially when we have a mind to. Effortlessly modern, and yet with a strong footing in tradition. A credit to the House, our Clan, and the Ivory Tower."
    - Meliora
  • "Prince Lucas Pope is testament to his roots. As the old Creole proverb claims... Pushed times make a monkey chew pepper."
    - Övé Háskell

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  • Lucas likes to test the ambition of neonates in his city. Only the most cut-throat will find his favor.
  • Lucas likes to test the moral fiber of neonates in his city. Only the most generous and humane will find his favor.
  • Lucas keeps his friends and enemies equally close, never revealing which is which.
  • Lucas owes his great-great-grandsire, Elder Meliora, a blood boon - but neither will speak about the reason behind this.

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Player: Joshua S.

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Storyteller: Kim F.

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Location: Modesto, CA