Lucia Dragomir

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Blood Talons

Commonly Known Information

Character Information
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Blood Talons
Honorary Spirit Rank: ••••
Cunning: •••••
Purity ••••
Wisdom ••
Location: England
Pack: Excusrionists
Player: Kane
Storyteller: Drakka

Name: Lucia Dragomir

Notable Traits: Striking Looks [2], Athletic, Excellent Tracker, Quiet Steps

Type: Uratha, Irraka

Character Type Subgroup: Blood Talon



Originally from Australia.


Composite Bow

Weapons: Composite Bow, Arrows
Other General Equipment includes:
Glow sticks
Salt lick (lure for animals)
Tactical flak vest
Sewing kit (with fishing line in case of stitching flesh).


  • She might be stalking that poor human.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Do not let her looks fool you. Behind that pleasing aesthetic beats the heart of a hunter, stalking her prey and waiting for the moment to strike. I foresee her being either a valuable asset, or a potent threat. I pray for the former." - Vincent Jager
  • "She has some really crazy friends. By crazy, I mean insane. By insane, I mean what the shit?" - Max Gunther
  • "Good soldier." - Temujin
  • "He's v-very assertive. Um. She? S-sorry, which pronouns do you prefer right now? Um. Anyway, that was a really good hunt. C-come back soon!" - Spindle
  • "Competent. Hunts well. Good to have around." - Moonblade
  • Quote here.


  • Aided in the killing of a hero and its followers, made the bodies disappear by taking them the woods and offering them as chiminage to spirits of decay. She also claimed the skulls of the 8 individuals.

SIAMES - "The Wolf"
Powerwolf - "Night Of The Werewolves"
Miracle of Sound - "Force of Nature"
Skrillex - "In For The Kill - Dubstep"
Will Sparks & Joel Fletcher Remix - 360 - "Lights Out"
Luciana - "Yeah Yeah (Andwell Remix)"
Will Sparks ft. Luciana - "Stay Up Till The Morning"
Twenty One Pilots - "Heathens"
Shakira ft Rihanna - "Can't Remember to Forget You"
Mayer Hawthorne - "Her Favorite Song"
Roberta Flack - "Killing Me Softly With His Song"

OOC Information

Player: Kane G.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Drakka
Storyteller Email:
Location: Milton Keys