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“My family is my strength and my weakness."

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Name: Lucia Giovanni
Society: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Sire: Solange Giovanni
Notable interests: Linguist, occultist, and a financier for the Family
Noticeable traits: Follows social code and nicety, manners are imperative. She seems to lean toward a classic and mannered style, but never underestimate what lies beneath the finery. She can be tenacious in her dealings on behalf of her family.

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Title or Position: Dona of Houston, TX



Born: 1645, Florence, Italy
Proxy Kiss: April 4th, 1673
Embraced: April 4th, 1700; Venice , Italy

Lucia Giovanni has been working in the background for the Giovanni family for many years. She noramlly only shows all of her talents to members of the family.

La Famiglia


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  • Grandsire:
    • Sire: Solange Giovanni
      • Broodmates:

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OOC Information

Lucia Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Houston, Tx
Player: J. Tucker
VST: Dain G

Player: Jenn Tucker

MES Number: US2002021902

Location: Houston, TX

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