Lucia Trevisan

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Public Knowledge

All that is publicly known of Lucia Trevisan is that she arrived in Austin, TX in October of 2018, she recently used the name Knockout, and she is the childe of Ezra of the Vanguard.

Lucia, or Knockout, has no history as a member of any sect. She has apparently come to Austin to decide if either the Camarilla or the Anarch Movement may finally suit her, but who knows if or when she will make that heavy decision?



  • "She knows the song of the road, the tales of the past. She wanders looking for her place, I hope she finds it. There is always one for her where I am." Alice
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For the Road
You took my hand \ You showed me how \ You promised me you'd be around \ I took your words and I believed \ In everything you said to me
It's spinning back around now \ On this road I'm crawlin' \ Save me 'cause I'm fallin' \ Now I can't seem to breathe right \ 'Cause I keep runnin' runnin' runnin' \ Runnin' from my heart
Power poisons the heart \ It changes it from within \ Deception lives in the dark \ But you can't hide from your sins \ This is a war \ And our blood will draw the battle lines

Lucia "Knockout" Trevisan

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: Austin
Player: Aesileif M.
VST: Daniel B.