Lucian Antonescu Ravnos

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Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
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Domain: Montréal, Canada
Player: Lazaro H. (CA2018091502)
VST: Montréal Sabbat VST

This information is not publicly available. Contact me if you're snooping IC.
Name:Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
Positions:Priest, Bishop of Security
Faction:Order of St. Blaise & Loyalist
Pack:The Ill-Adjusted Reprobates

A man who looks like he's in his early thirties steps out of L'Écarlate and drags himself across the street from the club. He'd left his suit jacket inside, and the tie hangs loosely from his neck. He runs a hand over his short black hair and places a cigarette between his lips, leaving it unlit. Lucian hasn't smoked since his Embrace, but the ritual soothes him. On a hot July night like this, the voices are always relentless.
《 Come play with us. We miss you. It hurts. It burns. Burn with us, we miss you. Hold our hands. Take our hands, we miss you. 》
A tormented giggle, and the ghostly amalgamation haunting him launches into the twisted little nursery rhyme that Lucian had gotten sick of after the first time, nearly twenty years ago.
《 Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Smoke, smoke, we cough and hack. Cinders, cinders, our skin goes black. Fire, fire, our bones go crack. 》
Almost instinctively, the young Ravnos sidesteps the cup of coffee that jumps at him out of a passerby's hand and dismisses the apology that follows. It's looking like a long night. The kind that makes it difficult to maintain a human appearance.

Further Information

This information is not publicly available.

  • 1942: Born Harper Delacroix in occupied France. Smuggled out of Europe and into an orphanage just outside Montreal.
  • 1954: Orphanage raided by Hunters on the trail of a childlike vampire, burned down. A novice grabbed Lucian and jumped from a third story window to escape the flames, killing her and crippling him. To this day, haunted by an amalgamation of the souls lost that night.
  • 1958: Noticed by an independent vampire styling himself as Romani, Anton Cernea Ravnos, at an Order of St. Blaise soup kitchen. Evaluated, and soon ghouled. Put to work helping with Anton's business of "occult" services, gambling cons, and snake oil.
  • 1973: Embraced, given name: Lucian Antonescu Ravnos. Barely received Accounting. Forced to seek Kindred lore and culture on his own.
  • 1974: Against Sire's wishes, joined the Sabbat.
  • 1998: Fall of Montreal. Lost his entire pack to the Camarilla, but quickly met a bunch of ill-adjusted reprobates to help fellow Sabbat regroup on the south shore. With his new pack, secured vital skin tomes from the Temple of Eternal Whispers during the exodus.
  • 1999: The Week of Nightmares. Visions of the Ravnos Antediluvian's rampage and death. Started seeing spirits other than his haunting and never stopped. Haunting gained substance, manifesting as a hot spot and smell of smoke that clings to Lucian. Lost all contact with Sire and rest of clan.
  • 2000: With no news of Sire, took over businesses entirely. Installed own ghouls, legitimized, and expanded with alternative health products and services, massage parlors and spas. The CARE Wellness Group is born.
  • 2003: On KK Ryder's suggestion, opened Club L'Écarlate on the south shore with help from his pack, to be used as a free Sabbat hunting grounds and safehouse.
  • 2018, October: Traveled to Ocean City, MD with his pack and helped reclaim the domain from Dylan Cassidy and his infernalist cults.
  • 2018, November: Back in Montréal, encountered further infernalist forces as the diocese began dismantling a cult run by Prophet Lang, a fallen angel serving Metathiax, demon of plague and disease.

These quotes may circulate within the Sabbat.

  • "I think I was about ready to punch his fucking head off initially, luckily we had a big nasty to fight so I could channel that need into a more constructive direction." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "Oh... Lucian... He's a flavor of crazy I love to taste. What's better is he sees through me. I can appreciate anyone better at seeing than I... Even though I am blind." - Valerie Evans
  • "He's definitely not the worst person to work with... I just wish he would stop producing fire illusions all the time. Tell him ONE TIME that you want to get immune to it..." - Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
  • "Fuck you, too, Lucian, and drink your blood." - Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora (in a rare show of being pissed)
  • "The Master is fond of the Ravnos, indeed. He finds the theatrics amusing, except for.... well, there's no direct interpretation for that saying. It's not something you repeat in polite company, though it could be a term of endearment. You'll have to ask." - Dr. Nigel Obertus, paraphrasing The Basilisk
  • "I would have flayed his skin from his body and rolled him in salt and broken glass a long time ago, but he has too many of those pesky redeeming qualities. Nah for real though, he is my brother and none may fuck with him and not fuck with me." - KK Ryder

Notable Traits

This information is known within the Sabbat and people who have met Lucian.

  • He walks with a strong limp.
  • He'll open his doors to, feed, and shelter any True Sabbat in need, friend or rival.
  • He's fiercely protective of fellow Sabbat and their freedoms, but lies like a cheap rug.
  • Adheres to and preaches the Code of Milan, but is otherwise quite vocal about his diocese needing to change and adapt to survive.
  • Also, he's ever so slightly extremely haunted by an amalgamation of the souls lost when the orphanage burned.

Known associates

This information is known within the Sabbat only.

  • He has his fingers in more pies than is apparent.
  • Weird things frequently happen around him.

Out of Character
  • Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer
  • Joe Miller, The Expanse
  • John Constantine, Constantine
  • Some traits of one of my own original characters