Lucian Dragos

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Common Knowledge

Name: Lucian Dragos

Notable Traits: Path of Metamorphosis, Pale
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Tzimisce
Bloodline: None
Lineage: Unknown

    • Sire: Constantine Dragomir

Tzimisce Lore

  • Embraced - April 13th, 1637
  • Between 1637 and 1650 there was travel from the United States to Europe and around Europe. These were the years in which he was Educated by his sire on the Clan, the Sabbat, and his introduction to Vicissitude and the Path of Metamorphosis.
  • 1650 - 1850 Dwelled in the Carpathian Mountains with his sire, and extended family for 200 years.
    • During these many years he participated in battles against werewolves. As such he dissected a few still living werewolves, and fera counterparts.
    • He listened to the spirits whisper about the Garou and Fera committing much to memory about them.
    • Learning to delve deep into the mysteries of Vicissitude.
    • Obtained the ability to activate Zulo form.
    • Embrace of childer, Regardless of their country of origin, they were embraced in the Carpathian Mountains, even if they were ghouls purchased from boons.
      • Childer - Who acted as protectors during his torpor, upon awakening were free to leave on their own explorations (later in timeline).
      • Bjoern son of Erik a man of scandinavian descent, ghouled 1700 to 1750, embraced Autumn 1751, Bjoern excelled at combat and used vicissitude to turn himself into a living weapon to protect his sire, and his sire’s sire’s holdings.
      • Abd Al-Aziz, a arabian trader who came to the carpathian mountains selling weapons, perfumes, and silks from the middle east. Ghouled and used as influence traders to increase commerce and wealth for his sire’s sire. When it came to fighting he was a master swordsman, former Janasary who left to become a merchant after a bad wound, which vicissitude eliminated. He was embraced 1768 in Mid Summer.
      • Eydis of Luxenburg, a germanic noble woman who visited with her regnant, already a ghoul, purchased by Lucian through boons and gold. She is a beautiful creature, that is hardly human anymore, but luckily the embrace she received from Lucian granted her the ability to be forgotten easily by mortal populous. (Arcane.) She was wonderous in court dealings and effective at placating human populouses as a ghoul, as a vampire she was a sworn protector though generally through using subversive means, animals she warped into weapons to do the fighting for her. She was embraced in 1780 in Spring.
    • Practiced Torturing lupines, vampires, and humans using vicissitude but without the use of dominate or auspex. Relying solely on the blood bond to weaken the will of his victim. During these many many decades he learned that the blood bond was more effective than just the torture itself. Many can handle pain, however they had little resistance to the love a vinculum creates.
  • 1851 Returned to the United States, to Boston, then traveled south with servants and guards until he reached texas and stayed in southern texas for a few months before moving on to the West Coast over the course of three years.
  • 1870 Voluntary Torpor - his ghouls watch over his body, his childer keep them ghouled.
  • 2017 Winter, Awakens from Torpor.

Sabbat Lore

  • Initiated
  • Practices Ritae - Though torpor from 1870 to 2017 has prevented any real participation in recent years.
  • During his long sleep his pack was vanquished, save for his sired childer who have since his awakening gone about their own purposes as is their right to do.
  • Conservative in beliefs.

Things Said

Vicissitude Weaponry
  • Views following the path of humanity as a severe weakness, any who claim to be true members of the Sabbat who still are swayed by humanity are just groupies.
  • Will gladly turn the limbs of allies into weapons should they so wish it.
  • Rumor here.
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Whispers in the Shadows

We Know


Let the Monster Rise
Into the Darkness

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