Lucian St Germain

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Lucian St. Germain
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Name:Lucian St. Germain
Covenant:Ordo Dracul
Sire:Collette Durand
Broodmate:Hélène Badeaux
Coterie:The Foundation
Positions:Ventrue Primogen of Ellsworth, ME
Valued citizen of Ellsworth, ME



Further Information

Lucian St.Germain's history is at best, a guess to those who are not close to the mercurial elder. It is known that he was embraced in the late 1200's and that he was one of the first Kindred to step upon the domain that is now known as Ellsworth, along with his broodmate, Hélène Badeaux. He speaks of being a templar, though only in passing as any mention of religion tends to invoke his scorn. It is known that he has been a staple of the Ellsworth domain since it's inception, and has become quite steeped in the local lore and legends as he bears more than a passing resemblance to local stories about 'the Pagan Lord of Ellsworth', though when asked directly about this, the elder vampire just smiles slightly but says nothing.

  • "Insert your quote here" - Your name
  • "My eldest childe holds a piece of my heart until I no longer exist. His melancholy brings me great sadness, and yet, I cannot bring myself to stop egging it on." - Collette Durand
  • "Those from beyond court him with a tender touch or perhaps eternal torment. The verdict is still out if he's some romantic era poet who truly never died due to his melancholy ways." - Vidal St. Croix
  • "I hope that your morose soul finds warmth in the heart of my melodies, for they speaks in the same melancholic voice in which you are fluent." - Arietta Musette Chanson
  • "I'm pretty sure if I was capable of having friendships, this asshole would be my best friend. Okay shut the fuck up, yeah, he's my best friend." - Victor Black
  • "I only value his life in that his continued existence pleases the Queen. But he seems to have honor when it is important." - Aoife MacLaggen

Notable Traits
  • Bears the spiraling veins around his eyes that are associated with the Ventrue Bloodline known as the Lumina Noctem
  • Air of Menace
  • Enticing

Known associates
  • Vidal St. Croix- since 1955 been trying to get this guy to smile. Sinners beware...Hell has not frozen over yet so go to church.
Rumors (please add your own!)
  • Local legends abound about a tall, athletic male with horns that swoop back and chestnut, long wild hair. Often seen akin to the Great Lord Pan, however without the goat lower half, who will entice strangers alone in the woods. This figure is accredited with the slaughter of Christian Clergy back in 1680-1690 as well as churches being burned. Since then, sightings of him being seen about the woods West and North of Ellsworth. Those who have been 'graced' by his presence and have not disappeared have reported wild, dark things in his company. Individuals are left haunted and mesmerized by the memories and eventually set off into the woods in search of the Pagan Lord of Ellsworth.
  • May have known Edgar Allan Poe
  • He seeks to diablerize his sire, her broodmate, and his own broodmate in order to bring his entire cursed bloodline to an end.

Out of Character
  • Lord Byron
  • Lucifer
  • BBC's Dracula
  • Jack Kerouac

Theme Song
  • "Sundown" - Gordon Lightfoot
  • "Dark Eyes" -Bob Dylan cover performed by Iron and Wine

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