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"Every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life. ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind"

Sir Luciana Santora

Known Information

Name: Luciana Santora Du Val (The White Lioness)

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)

Social Class: Ancilla

Title or Position:

  • Prince of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Knight of the Blood, (Ventrue Only)
  • Dignitas - Vaunted, (Ventrue Only)
  • Preator of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Ventrue Only)
  • The First Centurion. (Ventrue Only)


~*~Confirmed Ancilla of the Tower
~*~Victorious for her extensive work to better her home domain of Santo Domingo. Symbel hosted by Maryam Al-Karami. Elder of Clan Ventrue.
~*~Favored by Elder Pau Lamarca
~*~Favored by Elder Osvif Skorrisson
~*~Honorable by Elder Amir Isfahani Aurelius

Notable Information

~*~The young woman is known to be a historian of war that specializes in Military Science/Strategies.
~*~At all times she is the image the Ventrue Clan expects, though her cold blue stare reminds those in her presence of the more savage aspects of her bloodline's past.
~*~Luciana serves as a active warrior and warlord.
~*~She is active in the mortal world in philanthropic efforts, currently focusing on the health and well fare of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
~*~Luciana attended the Chicago Blood Accord.
~*~Luciana witnessed the Final Death of Hardestadt the Younger.
~*~Luciana's physical appearance is almost but not quite identical to Elder Ilythia L'ange Du Val, Founder of House Du Val.
~*~Luciana is the widow of Elder Prince Jean de Pierre of House Martel, who was murdered in December of 2017.
~*~As a Knight Prince, she leads from the field instead of the throne.


Luciana is a intelligent, young, well-mannered woman. She never raises her voice, even in anger. She tries to honestly help those around her with advice, healing, training, or even just an ear to lend.

Luciana is everything one would expect from a high-power modern businesswoman. She comes over-prepared for any situation that may arise, and her truest colors shine through under pressure and dealing with unexpected circumstances. Her wit is sharp, her insults scathing, her smile and laugh magnetic.



  • Damien Summers ((Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.))
  • Rayne Caroll ((My words are not adequate to express the sorrow felt, when you left this world))
  • Gabriel Du Val
  • Malice


Luciana is a Puppet Master pulling the strings in mortal society, with her fingers in a lot of influential pies. From the upper crust to the gutter trash, she controls it, or she strives to do so anyways. She really does whatever her House, Camarilla or their allies want her to do with her many influences and she enjoys doing it. Her hobby of training up the next generation of war ghouls is her one true passion, as well as always looking to coordinate between people, and never forgets to take a 'finder's fee'. Luciana makes it her job to know what people need, and where they can find it. She will get to know them, and find what areas they specialize in, so that she can bring prospective clients together. On top of that she works as a "Cleaner" - disposing of bodies, erasing evidence, and worse. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Friends, allies, and acquaintances

Elder Prince Jean de Pierre
Elder Desmond Aldred
Elder Catherine Foxley
Elder Maryam Al-Karami
Elder Æthered
Elder Amir Isfahani Aurelius
Elder Richard Weber Du Val
Elder Chimera
Alessandro Giovanni
Vittorio Giovanni di Calderari
Jenny Masterson
Charles Yea
Ulric of Gangrel
Jared Wynters
Zedekiah Price
Pieter Solodovnikov
Tavish Du Val
Mercy Monroe-Price
Shandra Sauger
Cassidy Mason


  • It's all about the money.
  • Might be an apostate of Set.
  • She learned Vicissitude and Serpentis so that she can literally steal the hearts from her lovers and put them inside her.
  • Is blood bonded to a Ventrue Lord, and does his dirty work for him.
  • Blood bonds Harpies to protect her from scandal.
  • Collects caitiff lovers as most Toreador collect paintings.
  • This girl is a beast when it comes to Zombie!
  • May have been the origin of "Make it Rain"
  • It is said that Luciana rolls cigarettes with 100's
  • She may have a special fetish for Tina Turner and *Private Dancer*
  • She is the only Seneschal that is feared in the Camarilla and welcomed in the Sabbat
  • She is actually Lilith in disguise
  • She is the mother of all monsters and dragons.
  • She once beat a Sabbat to death with a sign reading "Get off my lawn!"


"They say the Ventrue "knights" are not known for their manners. Miss DuVal would be the exception to that rule; or it was fear. Either way she was quite pleasant." - Simon Kensington

"Everything has a price darling, it's just a matter of if it's worth what you want to pay for it." - Luciana

"This evening you have proven yourself as one of mine, the family is proud of you" - Elder Pau Lamarca

"Whip Santora will go far in the Clan's service." Elder Primogen Catherine Foxley

"A competent and ambitious crusader, she is a true scion of her House. Gaius Cornelius Scipio

"Anger her at your own peril, I've seen her kill stronger with her bear hands." - Anonymous

"You -are- mine. You have value not only as one embraced into my blood, but one born descended from my mortal flesh. I will push you harder than any other in this House and you will rise to the challenge every time. Because you are mine. You will carry my Favor and you will not be a disappointment." --Ilythia L'ange Du Val

"A wonderful friend, the perfect ally and an exquisite employer. I have nothing but the greatest level of respect for her." - Jenny Masterson

"The way that she can either command the greatest amount of attention or slip into the background by whim alone is awe-inspiring. Not to mention she doesn't look at me as the monster I am." - Angela Deth

"I found Sir Santora to be incredibly polite, shrewd, and committed to the success of Kindred visiting the domain of Omaha when I traveled through. Simple requests for introductions were handled with smooth warmth and ease. A true delight." - Elder O'Shea
Sir Luciana Santora

"Some Kindred are not worth the blood they are sired with, and therefore will pay in blood." - Luciana

"A skilled young King with wisdom beyond her years is such a diamond. You have grown quickly. Whether by luck or judgement, your Sire chose well indeed." Catherine Foxley

"An exceptionally gifted woman. Kind, level-headed, and with a sharp mind. I am honoured to count her as a friend and ally in these dark nights." - Zedekiah Price

"Understanding of others is key. Know their desires and you know how best to guide... or overcome them."

"The sun, the moon and the stars ... none have Luciana Santora's firey passion, cold logic or brilliance, nor do any have her radiance." - [3chelon]

"I see part of my own reflection in this young one, and I am pleased." - Pieter Solodovnikov

"I found Seneschal Santora du Val to be quite pleasant and remarkably capable in aiding her Elders in navigating unfamiliar waters, without surrendering a whit of her sense of self or falling into a semblance of subservience. I hope to one day enjoy her company again." - Aodhan

"...Would totally hang out with her, and I'm not the biggest fan of Ventrue. Would be nice to crack open a cold one.. and just chat with them.. no pomp or frills." - Juniper Durham

"I admire your drive and determination, young one. It is refreshing and encouraging." Siegfried von Stroheim

"A woman who recognizes and rewards talent and loyalty, a worthy Prince. I am honored to serve as her sheriff. " Myrium_Oswald

"I find myself re-reading your vivid descriptions of your home and thoughts on faith and I am impressed. Know that in reading your words, the Privilege is mine. I am particularly struck with your faith, however. It's rare to find a King as devoted to the Cloth as they are to the Crown. I would cherish the opportunity to enlighten one so devoted, both in Faith and Clan.." Elder Fabrizio Ulfila

"A prince glitter bombing a Giovanni.. imagine that.. I think you look quite fetching like that my love." Sofia Giovanni to Alessandro Giovanni

“Prince Luciana, her grace and her beauty, there are no words to describe her. Her regal demeanor serves her well, as does her wit. Let none underestimate her nor defy her. I fear what she would do to those who dare cross her.” Chimera

"“One should never assume that social graces and polite manner are a sign of weakness. She could bury you in paperwork, literally.” Enyo

"“I felt a lot more comfortable around her than I expected I would. I really hope I do right by her.” Cassidy Mason

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