Lucien Malvoix

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lucien Malvoix

Notable Traits: Unearthly beauty, intense demeanor, shadows seem to cling to him

Society: Anarch Movement

Clan: Lasombra


Lucien Malvoix was once Luke Magister, a respectable young man from a well-regarded Cherry Creek family. Now, though, almost everything that made Luke who he was is gone, violently replaced by Lucien's cruel sire, Nora Nightshade. But Lucien is not truly lost. Nora's conditioning and abuse didn't manage to convert him to a Path, and Lucien still fights for his own Humanity, even after all he's been through. After being brought to the Anarch Movement by Ezra Tombstone, Lucien fights his instincts to amass power in favor of doing the right thing, lest a monster he becomes.



  • 1978- Lucien Malvoix is born Luke Magister to parents Thomas and Cassandra Magister.
  • 1996- Luke Magister graduates from Cherry Creek High School.
  • 1997- Lucien Malvoix is embraced by his sire, Nora Nightshade
  • 1998- Lucien is formally inducted into the Sabbat.
  • 2003- Lucien Malvoix flees the Sabbat and joins the Anarch movement under the tutelage of Ezra Tombstone.
  • March 2018- Lucien becomes the Baron of the Denver Anarch movement
  • November 2018- The Anarch movement in Denver collapses.
  • January 2018- The Camarilla claims sovereignty over Denver, with the Anarch Movement gaining Golden in the exchange.

Known Associations


  • From almost all descriptions, Nora Nightshade couldn't possibly be anything less than an Elder, but Lucien is only a Neonate. Something about the story doesn't add up, but it's hard to tell what...
  • Lucien's angelic beauty seems strange... almost unnatural.
  • Some speculate that Lucien was instructed in Animalism by a Tzimisce, but for what purpose, no one knows. Maybe it has something to do with that big dog that always follows him around...
  • Prince Lancaster isn't really pulling the strings in Denver. I heard from my buddy who overheard from his clanmate, and she said... well, needless to say, I think Lucien's really in charge.
  • Someone pulled off some big renovation project up in Boulder. Blocked out all the windows. Some kind of doomsday prepper, maybe, but Malvoix has mentioned his fondness of the city.
  • Lucien Malvoix, creature of the night, has a Tamagotchi. No one has ever asked him about it directly, but there are Anarchs who swear they heard it go off once.


Ghoul- Kasius

Kasius is an enormous, jet-black mastiff of incredible strength and loyalty. Like his domitor, he was once the prize pet of Nora Nightshade, but he was stolen by Lucien in an act of mercy and fondness. Despite his appearance, Kasius is gentle and even-tempered; that is, until he is ordered to attack.

OOC Information

Player: Brom Eccles

Player Email:

Storyteller: Raymond Bruels

Storyteller Email:

Location: Denver, CO