Lucien Moreau

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Commonly Known

Name: Lucien Moreau

Notable Traits and Features: Ancilla Tremere of the Camarilla.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Known History

Lucien was born in Lyon, France in 1548. He was first noticed by Clan Tremere when he showed an aptitude for Occult studies while a student at the University of Vienna in 1564. This led to him being watched, very carefully, until he was finally brought into House and Clan Tremere as an Acolyte in 1571 under Magus Joziah Herzog. He works with him directly in Vienna and around Europe assisting in his occult studies until 1614.

It is then that Lucien is first truly brought into the hold of House Saharat as he is transferred from Magus Herzog to Magus Meliora. He would spend a century at the side of the kindred who would eventually become his Great Grandsire. His training in House Saharat continues when he is transferred from Meliora to serve his eventual sire, Magus Övé_Háskell. Övé prepares him for his eventual embrace, which takes place in 1827.

In 1837, Lucien joins his broodmate, Magus Alexander Valois, and his sire in joining the court of Malta. However, when Magi Háskell and Valois leave in 1857, Lucien would remain, becoming an integral part of the court, stepping up to assist the Sheriff, Æthered the Ancilla, serving as his deputy until going on walkabout in 1899, serving House and Clan Tremere wherever he is able.

Following the murder of the Tremere Keeper of Elysium in Santo Domingo, Lucien is ordered to the Dominican Republic to help achieve a share of vengeance against the Sabbat infestation upon the island. Once the Sabbat were repulsed, he petitioned to join the Court of Santo Domingo, where he remains serving Clan Tremere's and the Camarilla's interests.

In October of 2017, Lucien was named the Whip for Clan Tremere in Santo Domingo.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Lucien spent better than two-and-a-half centuries as a ghoul and Acolyte to Clan Tremere by the time he was embraced in 1827, after serving under three Magi and as an Acolyte in the Prime Chantry itself.

An expert in magical theory (or Thaumatology), Lucien is a known Counter-magician. He has taken that skill set and built a martial prowess to stand beside it, and has built a reputation as an Apprentice to have around when a Regent requires a strong right hand. He is an Apprentice of the Fifth Circle and a member of the Societatis Magus.


  • "My Childe has become one of the great masters of the Art. Studious, steadfast, and quick to react.. he truly is one to be wary of, should you find yourself standing against him." Övé Háskell
  • "Lucien, is a mastercraftsmen of the martial arts, someone to rely on when in a Bind" Æthered
  • "I did once play the Olivia to your Malvolio. A role I would take up again." Thomasine Cary

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  • Lucien is borderline obsessed with mortal Mages due to a run-in in his history.
  • When a Resident of Malta, he was accused of murdering a fellow Tremere. The sheriff declared his innocence, but talk remains that this was a cover-up.
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House Lineage

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OOC Information

Player: Brian M. Gang

Player Email:

Storyteller: Allison Pell

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Location: Santo Domingo, DR