Lucifer Hades Fox

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Lucifier H Fox Loyal Member of House and Clan.

Commonly Known Information

Name: Lucifer Hades Fox

Clan: Tremere

Sect and Station: Ancilla of the Camarilla

Concept: Multi-Faceted Creature of the Night STrict but for the most part easy to get along with.

Notable Traits:


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed



Nullius in verba


  • "That is one HELL of a name"


  • <Insert Rummors here>..

Tremere Only Information:

  • Combat Specialist and Counter Mage

OOC: Resemblances:

Hades looks alot like his player Carl. Chubby yet very secure in himself. He carries himself with pride and distinction.

OOC Information

Player: Carl Gosline | US2002045616

Player Email:

Storyteller: Gene Lenton

Storyteller Email:

Location: Macon Georgia