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General Information


Name: Lucius Brown
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Anarch
Born: 1991
Embraced: 2012
Abiding: Committed, Authority, Mandate
Fleeting: Loyal, Favored, Connected
Lesser Status Ban
Title or Position: Baron of the Surrey-Langley Free State, Ambassador of the House Dispar, Member of the "Hard Eight" gang
Notable Merit: Angelic Visage, Whisper of Life


Carefree and never afraid to punch above his weight, Lucius carries himself well for a neonate of only six years embraced. Outwardly genial to the point of annoying, Lucius plays up the the idea that he thinks he's the most gorgeous thing on God's green Earth.

In Public

Given his almost inhuman looks, Lucius can be found in the bodies of his loyal employees when not in an Elysium/Sacred Space. While in gatherings of his fellow Kindred, he's been described as "extraordinarily lazy and/or self indulgent" by his peers, and his continued tendency to gravitate towards the comfiest of chairs does little to shed him of the reputation.


Jimmy Kincade - Camarilla Nosferatu
"Jimmy's an interesting one. Lately he and I have been on the same wave length. Neither of us wanted a war, but we both knew things needed to change. So far everything's gone off without a hitch, but he's one of those guys that you just know is in it for himself more than anything else."

Lucy Giovanni - Giovanni member of the Independent Alliance
"We're having "relationship problems" apparently right now. It's alright though, since apparently I'm her "Shadow Man." She wants to tickle my soul, which while flattering sounds absolutely terrifying. Either way, she and I have a decent working relationship which is more than I can say for me and most Giovanni.

Nadia Giorgianna - Follower of Set
"Nadia is great. She's a fixer and a doer, which makes her a-ok in my books. We still need to get around to flying to Monaco together. Maybe we'll have some time now."


Jack Harrington -Nosferatu Architect of the Surrey-Langley Anarchs
"Jack has been my running buddy basically since I escaped the Sabbat attack that killed my sire. We've been through a lot together, and he's been my rock since I got into this whole Baron mess. I owe him a lot, and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay him."

Nicholas - Ravnos Ambassador of the Surrey-Langley Anarchs
"Nick's new to the political arena like I am, and I may have just tossed him into the fire to see if he could hack it. So far he's been doing a grand job, but no matter how long we run together, I'll always have one hand on my wallet. Sorry bud"

JT - Malkavian Anarch and member of the Surrey-Langley Anarchs
"JT and I are a lot alike, but at the same time so so different. Where I am the more reserved and long game, he's very much a grandiose thinker. I respect his opinion on everything, as he usually has seven or eight more angles he can work than I do."

André Kaule Ferreira - Son of Discord and member of the Surrey-Langley Anarchs
"I'll spare everyone the mush, but André is one of the best things to happen to me since I was turned. He sounds like an angel, followed me up a damned mountain to make sure I survived meeting a God, and has just been there for me since day one when he randomly walked into Vancouver with a Setite. And darling don't worry, one day you might be as pretty as me <3."

Phoebe Gwydion - Camarilla Malkavian of Vancouver
"Grandma-ma will always have a special place in my unbeating heart. She makes a mean peach cobbler, and the genuine shock that flooded her face when she found out about Andre and I was one of the most adorable things I had ever seen. She and I are opening up a bar in Surrey together, you know to foster good relations between neighbors and all that. What can go wrong right?"


- Is only using the Anarchs for his own personal gain and does not subscribe to the ideals of "Libertas"
- Keeps several ghouls
- Is actually a Caitiff masquerading as a Lasombra
- Is a former Camarilla member
- Was the arm candy of an Elder Prince of the Camarilla for an event
- Despises his lineage head for all the headaches he put him through
- Is actively trying to "hook up" with Lucy Giovanni


When speaking of themselves:

"It's been a pretty wild ride since I joined up with the Anarchs. I've gone from the guy nobody notices to the guy running the show. It's a learning experience, but so long as I can keep me and mine safe that's all that matters."

What would others say?

"He's a few pages short of a dossier when it comes to me, but so long as he's good in my childe's eyes and keeps his eyes on the prize, he's good in my books." -Jimmy Kincaid
"Cherish the ones you keep close to your heart..." - Roman
"[This comment has been redacted for being far too NSFW] And he thinks he's prettier than me..." - André Ferreira
"It is said the Dispar are less than a High House because they are not related by Blood... they are, however, related by survival. And that is enough. Lucius possesses the spark... a fire within the darkness that spurns him to care for those he calls his own. We have more in common than he knows." - Diego Amador
"When I look upon him... I see the Strength that is Lasombra. For one still so young, he has accomplished much. I await to see more." - Morvenna Mathias
"Where do I even start with Luscious? On the one hand, he's a good ally, even taking his poor life choices into account. On the other hand, I sometimes want to knock all of the sense into him. All. Of. It." - Jentry Nix
"Few people in this world will get me to clam down, shut up and listen. He's one. Take that as you will. I adore Lucius and look forward to when I get to see him." ~Lorena Silva
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OOC Information

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade

Player: Brad Penstone

MES Number: CA2015111401

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.