Lucius Flavius Aurelius

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Character Information

Name: Lucius Flavius Aurelius
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
City: To Be Confirmed
Title: None

Known History

Very few kindred remain from the time of Astraea's earliest days and none currently will testify on exactly where she came from. Rumors abound that, by her own word, Astraea was one of the Oracles of Delphi and was embraced because her visions gave her access to the mysteries of the Abyss. Regardless, after what was apparently a long torpor, Astraea arose from Delphi and traveled eastern Europe northwards to Scandinavia and back, finally settling in the Byzantine.

During the Anarch Revolt Astraea was very active and there are rumors that she held Lasombra down while Gratiano drank his soul. Ever since the formation of the Sabbat Astraea has been an active and visible leader, coordinating multiple packs into campaigns against the Ivory Tower. Having settled in America in the early 1800s and drive out of Atlanta after the failed siege of that city, Astraea now is found within the Diocese of Athens, Georgia as the local Archbishop.

Inspiration and Influences

* Viktor, Underworld
* The Operative, Serenity
* Salladhor Saan, Game of Thrones
* Lucius Vorenus, Rome
* Salah ad-Din, Kingdom of Heaven

Copyright Notice

* Character Image is the work product of LoranDeSore. No copyright infringement is intended. All copyright is reserved for the creator.

Out of Character Information

Player: Rowan Draper
Email: Email Me
VST Email: TBC
Location: TBC