Lucky Thirteen

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lucky Thirteen

Notable Traits: Lucky is notoriously dramatic. He dresses in a heavily armored trench coat to conceal a heavy armament of blades and firearms. He wears a wide brimmed black leather hat with a series of small metal rings around the edge and he is known to jump straight to violence as a suggested solution, though rarely swings first.

Sect: Anarch Movement

Clan: Caitiff

Gang: Cero Miedo


Thug following repeated actions taken in defense of Libertyville, Mo.
Loyal following the events in Brooklyn, December 2017
Preacher by Advocate Pru Amador of Libertyville, March 2019
Forsaken by Prince Floyd Anderson of Little Rock, March 2019

Things You Might Have Heard

Lucky tends to move domain to domain, sometimes country to country looking for anything to grab his interest. He is notorious for having "Something to hurt anything." He wears a wide, floppy leather hat, a long armored trenchcoat with a silver dragon painted on the back, and often a T-shirt with his name printed on it.

Known Timeline

1998 - Lucky is Embraced in Canada. Rumor says that his sire is either a Brujah or a Malkavian, though this is unconfirmed.
2000 - Leaving his Sire, Lucky travels to Japan. His professed intention is to "Learn how to Ninja."
2001 - Lucky meets Rin, a Japanese Toreador.
December 2001 - Lucky and Rin, following a fight with a Tremere, are cursed to "know the secret names of roads, but never their meaning." Since that time, they seem to have lost the ability to read maps or use GPS.
January 2002 - Lucky and Rin get married in a public ceremony that is attended by members of many clans and several Camarilla Elders.
March 2002 - Lucky and Rin join the Anarch Movement officially.
August 2017 - Rin and Lucky move to Libertyville, Mo.
December 2017 - Lucky and Rin head to Brooklyn to defend the area against the Sabbat and Werewolves. As he tells it, he and Rin killed half a dozen Werewolves by themselves. This number seems to change depending on who is listening.
March 2018 - Something transpires between Lucky and an Elder of the Camarilla near St. Louis. That elder, at the end of things, wound up a pile of ashes.
March 2019 - Following a failed attempt on his life by the traitorous anarch Spit, Lucky is declared Forsaken by the Prince of Little Rock, Ar.


  • Lucky has a sire who is deeply disappointed in his progeny.
  • He doesn't use a realistic name because he doesn't know what his is.
  • His "Luck" is part of an ongoing curse laid on him by a dying kindred.
  • Lucky prefers talking things out if possible. Things just tend to escalate around him, regardless of intent.
  • He has a kill-list of people who have committed acts he considers evil.
  • You can't expect Lucky to find a place using GPS or Maps. The GPS will stop working and the map will look foreign to him.
  • He was declared Forsaken in front of around 30 members of the Tower. He simply walked out, parting the crowd as he went.

Quotes from Lucky

  • "If you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch. And it better knock me flat, because it wont happen a second time. And, man, I REALLY want you to start a fight."
  • "The most important thing in life after death is being remembered. Vampires die, good and bad. Don't let anyone convince you that you're immortal. Nine times out of ten, they are forgotten within a year. Not me. If I die, people are gonna talk about Lucky Thirteen for centuries."
  • "I fought and killed werewolves, Elder capes, hunters, and a fucking demon possessed bull. I get my ass kicked more than I like, but you can't deny results."

Quotes About Lucky

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OOC Information

Player: Alex Wesa, US2013120055

Player Email:

Storyteller: Charley Tucker

Storyteller Email:

Location: Desoto, Mo.