Lucrezia Giovanni di Calderari

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"Death is no dream for in death I'm caressin' you."

Name: Lucrezia Giovanni di Calderari
Aliases: Lucy
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Il Calderari
Generation: 9th
Sect: Independent Alliance

Notable Traits:

Title or Position:
Emissary to Vancouver, BC

Lucy is best known for her brothel, The Renaissance, and her dedication to the Giovanni and the Alliance. In public she is a gracious and social creature, her dress and manner carried from the 19th century railroad culture in which she made her name. In representing her lineage, her clan, and her sect, Lucy strives at all times to be an approachable (if somewhat brash) businesswoman with an ear for every request and an unimpeachable reputation for discretion. In modern nights, she is seen balancing an enthusiastic relationship with the Followers of Set against her respect for the traditional teachings of the Giovanni. One of the outlets of her devotion to the Family is her exhaustive study of its mortal lineages and, through that project, Lucy has become a go-to genealogist for friends within and outside the clan.

1780 - Born, Italy
1800 - Proxy Kiss
1800's - Travels the American West
1869 - Embraced by Paolo Giovanni di Calderari
1900's - Settled in Florence, TX
2017 - Hosted an auction at the Founder's Ball
2018 - Reassigned to Vancouver, BC as Emissary

"Trouble. The word you're looking for to describe Miss Luci Giovanni is trouble." - Simon Flint
"Miss Luci took me under her wing and has been sweeter than a Georgia peach from the moment I met her. She knows how to keep friends." - Lillian Chandler
"When asked, most will tell you that she is professional, discreet, and very capable. In fact, almost too many Kindred will be happy to share their opinions of her business, but few will explain exactly what that business is. I may just have to find out myself." - Liam Kincaid
"Little ol' Lucy is just a harmless belle of lady. Ain't no one alive to contradict that either." - Keith Campbell
"There's nothing wrong with being a regular. I know what I like." - Payback
"You would think I would be all like, no way am I taking hookers and blow from a Borgia namesake. Then she sashays into a room, and ya know, it's like supes hard to not want to sink your teeth into something. There are some poisons you wanna die from." - Karma
"Lucy's place is like a one stop shop for vice. I mean it is literally like if Buc-ee's was a vice den instead of a place with really clean restrooms and beaver nuggets. Come to think of it, the restrooms at Lucy's are always clean, and so are the beaver nuggets." - Jaxon
"Madame Lucy provides a service that is never unprofitable. For a modest fee, she will grant your heart's desire. For a somewhat less modest fee, she will provide that which you were unaware you needed. She is always one to keep on speed dial should events proceed less than swimmingly, and I do speak from experience." - Felix Winchester
"Lucy is fucking great! Great services at reasonable prices. 10 out of 10, will visit again." - Britney Daye
"It has become popular to be a provider these days. Every time I turn a corner there is another Kindred trying to tell me they can get me ANYTHING. However, what the lovely Lucrezia brings to that game is truly invaluable. It's called discretion." - Vivienne Stanwyck
"A boundary is not that at which something stops, but that from which something begins. Safewords. Always." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari'
"Doing 'business' with the Giovanni is never so simply as that. At least the dear Lucy makes it bearable with her gentle beauty." - Lord Simon Kensington'
"Very good at what she does. She is an asset to the Family. Proving to be a worthwhile investment..." - Saul Rothstein'
"My friendship with Lucrezia was the core of my support for the Independent Alliance. A woman of such brilliance and fearlessness is difficult to find, and an incomparable companion." - Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston
"Words cannot convey my esteem for Miss Giovanni. With each season that passes I find more wisdom in her counsel and more charm in her presence." - Anthony Milliner-Ellison
"To defy Lucrezia is to defy me." - Don Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari
"Everyone's waiting for her to take Nadir's job. God only knows Vancouver would be better off for it." - Jimmy Kincaid
"Be respectful. To her. To myself. To anyone with whom the right words are your only path to survival. " - Uncle Paolo
"This wall. It comes down. Be seeing you." - Adriel Marax
"Aint nothing scarier than a woman who knows what she wants and aint getting her mind changed to the contrary. Girl's a monster, but my kinda monster. And darlin' we're gonna make the most beautiful music together" - Ulysses Beauregard Aldeen
"She once ripped my soul out of my body. I was really beside myself about that." - Felix Latch
"This Remind me never to leave dead things around her. 10/10 would recommend for resurrection services." - Mordechai"
"Something to Say" - Someone

Lucy's actually a softie who hates to hurt her food.
Lucy was the real tycoon behind the American railroad system.
The Renaissance is actually a prestigious finishing school for social Kindred.

Keith Campbell - Business partner
The Iron Mask - Maker of exquisite wooden furniture and tools

Lucrezia Giovanni di Calderari

Domain: Vancouver, BC
Player: Julia Bullard
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VST: Vancouver VST
MES Number: US2013090028
Template props to Jonathan Felber

I'm always looking for more ties! Please contact me if you were in the American West while the railroad was developing (1860-1918) or if your character had a vice Lucy's business could have helped in satisfying discreetly.