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Confirmed as Ancilla of the Camarilla
Noble as Seneschal of Little Rock
Honorable by Justicar Dona Manuela Bolivar
Favored by Elder Albrecht von Hohenzollern of Little Rock
Courageous by Prince Luciana Santora DuVal of Santo Domingo
Courteous by the Traditional Elysium of Little Rock

Sire: Nicodemus Vane | Grandsire: Josiah Cotton |
Great Grandsire: Seamus Montague
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu


Ludovic is of average height with striking angular features, and sharp eyes. Among mortals, his mannerisms, dialect and dress all pass as contemporary. In private and among kindred, however, he prefers to drop much of this façade, favoring instead French language and antiquated attire that telegraphs the fashion of the late 18th and early 19th century.

Ludovic Pétion was born in the mid 18th century to a moyan bourgeois family of Montpellier, France. As a youth, he was sent to the Latin district of Paris for his education and to promote his family interests in the capitol. True to his bourgeois upbringing, he obsessively pursued social advancement. Through his studies and wit, Ludovic impressed the literati of Paris with whom he began attending salons and public lectures as a hanger-on. Through these avenues, he too began to be acknowledged in society for his wit and wile. Soon after coming of age, he was tapped to be initiated in the Grand Orient. This lodge in particular was under secret patronage of the Tremere Chantry. Ludovic took well to the meritocratic structure and was captivated by the esoteric rituals practiced by the secret society. His aptitude as a ritualist was witnessed by his superiors, and before long, he was selected to be a ghoul agent of the Tremere clan. Riding the wave of the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, Ludovic joined the Jacobin Club where he could steer his influence toward protecting and forwarding Tremere interests amid the rapidly shifting political landscape. Thereafter, he was sponsored for embrace. He has since traveled widely as a diplomatic attaché for many Tremere elders attempting to stake a claim in disputed territory.

Notable Traits:

  • Antiquated Raiment at Kindred Gatherings
  • Thick French Accent

Known to Tremere:

  • Member of Societatis Bellator
  • Regent of Jonesboro, Arkansas

Coteries / Societies:

  • Unknown

ShayTimeline.png Ludovic.png

1760: Born to a moyenne bourgeoisie family in Montpellier.
1776: Enrolled in the University of Montpellier.
1779: Completed his baccalaureate and moved to the Paris Latin Quarter to continue education and to represent family interests in the capital.
1779: Attended a lecture by Franz Anton Mesmer and bought his book.
1781: Selected to join the newly reformed Grand Orient de France society.
1785: Became a ritualist for his lodge.
1785: Attended salon hosted by fellow mesmerist, the Marquis of Puységur; joined his academy Société Harmonique des Amis Réunis.
1786: Scouted by Tremere patron and ghouled as a candidate for embrace.
1786: Matched favorably and betrothed to the daughter of a petty aristocrat.
1787: Loaned to service of Nosferatu Elder Noah A. Salt.
1789: Engagement cancelled due to irreconcilable differences.
1789: Joined the Jacobin Club.
1800: Embraced in Paris.
1807: Completed accounting and relocated to Geneva, Switzerland.
1816: Summered at a lakeside châteaux owned by Morvenna Mathias

  • Attended a friendly writing competition between Lord Byron, Mary Godwin, John William Polidori, and Claire Clairmont.

1821: Assisted in establishing the Tremere Chantry in Malta working alongside Benjamin Harlow, Övé Háskell, Lucien Moreau, and Nalini Harlow.
1842: Recieved instruction from Amis Ward Harlow in Boston.
1847: Traveled West with Liam Kincaid and later Felix Winchester.
1870: Assisted Josef Adamczyk in establishing Tremere influence in Colorado.
1905: Inducted in Societatis Bellator [Known only by Tremere]

1919: Assigned to New Orleans as a diplomatic envoy.
1919: Negotiated a deescalation of hostilities between Tremere and Giovanni in New Orleans with Sebastien Delacroix and Zanobi Nicoli Giovanni di Jovian.
1921: Ghouled Emmett Legrasse for his talent with procuring antiquities.
1928: Secured permission to embrace Emmett Legrasse in Giovanni territory.
1933: Assisted Liam Kincaid and Felix Winchester with logistical support and research for large scale weather rituals to mitigate the Dust Bowl.
1947: Moved to Little Rock, AR and served under Sebastian Abramczyk.
1996: Relocated to Trenton, NJ to conduct research with Anton Strega.
2010: Tasked with restoring the Chantry in Jonesboro, AR with Jason Dunvil.
2017: Attended the Gala of the Modern Times Founders' Ball.
2018: Attended the Critias's debate in Sanctuary.

  • Attended Marlow's Masquerade Founders' Ball in Little Rock.

2019: Appointed Seneschal of Little Rock.

  • Attended the Gallery of Treaties in Little Rock.
  • Attended the Grand Conclave in Phoenix.


  • "It is said that one should not try the patience of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger, and so I found it best to walk softly with the very polite gentleman Ludovic. He seems such a sweet thing, but we are all predators with a preference and a specialty aren't we?" - Morena Meyer
  • "What? You mean David Bowie from the Labyrinth?" - Battle Standard
  • "What a fine mannered and dressed man he is. In older times, I set a few of his kind on fire for the principle of it. But to see him squirm a bit was enough for me in modern nights. What a fine man!" - Channon
  • "It is rare that I find other Tremere cut from the same cloth as I yet Ludovic seem seems to be woven from the same luxurious brocade. He is another reminder that House Montague has exquisite tastes." - Sébastien Delacroix
  • "I met a young Ludovic in Malta many decades ago, and although he was still learning the ropes to some extent, this well-manicured young gent impressed me with his drive and stamina. Should you wish to have a competent individual at the helm, look no further." - Övé Háskell
  • "I believe this child is a manifestation of what I saw in the fate of Seamus. The waters paint a grand portrait of this one's next steps." - Virgil Silex
  • "I believe I should like to spend more time getting to know this one. He has potential. - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • He once commented that he thought I may be an expert card player, but when I offered him a game his seemed hesitant. Favent Fortuna Juviat." - Simon Kensington
  • "He is so pretty, so very very pretty. Going to break my heart with that smile." - Nathaniel West
  • "He like talks a lot but like doesn't promise anything. Ugh, I like hate pretty Tremere, they always like break my heart." - Karma
  • "Oh, he's fun. I think we could have entire conversation just based in innuendos." - Payback
  • "Oh... you're truly gonna make me blush, sir." - Theo Lawson
  • "Les gens parlent de la couleur des yeux, comme si cela avait de l'importance, mais il serait beau dans n'importe quelle nuance. D'eux vient une intensité, honnêteté, douceur. Peut-être est-ce ce que l'on entend par un gentleman, pas un homme de faiblesse ou de politesse banale, mais un homme de grand esprit et de manières nobles." - Ruby Atomic
  • "He is an excellent example of his clan." - Enyo
  • "Ludovic is a credit to his clan, in that he is not a backstabbing Judas Iscariot." - Reverend Gideon Haven
  • "Mais bien sûr, M. Pétion est l'image de la courtoisie, un gentilhomme parfait. Cependant, parfois, j'espère qu'il serait moins un gentilhomme." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "sigh Another walking, talking, self-indulgent French Kindred flaunting the Masquerade with his tired accoutrements. At least he would blend in nicely strolling the cobblestoned streets of Montréal's Old Port. Maybe I should dare him to, if only for a good chuckle together." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Was he like confused that like I've like even heard of The Iliad? To me, when like my sire seems to have like some fucking urge to like make a Tremere squirm because he's like trying to like inflame like the passions of like all of us? Sure. But like...I admit I like couldn't like help wishing... yeah like I know. He's just like toying with me. " - Karma
  • "He is knowledgeable about matters occult that are obscure to me. I have been glad for his counsel and timely rescue in the past." - Brenda Bittersea
  • "It was an incredible pleasure working with him......." - Vengeance
  • "Two Tremere in Dallas are of the same lineage as him. I must compare him to them, and say that he is the happy medium between Price's cold efficiency and Dulche's insane party vibe. Too bad he couldn't stay." - Natalya Zabirov
  • "Ludovic is the only reason I'm giving the ones at home even half a chance to prove me wrong." - Mendo
  • "An absolute peach of a man, and someone you go to when the chips are down. It's awfully trying that everyone seems to think that just because you're pretty and know how to dress yourself, there's nothing upstairs. His upper floors are as filled out as his bottom." - Pansy Honeywell
  • "I'll make my Uncle proud one day. I miss you dearly, Ludovic." - Rosemary Macht
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  • No one has ever actually witnessed Ludovic practice blood magic. Some wonder if he even knows how; others wonder if anyone lived to tell the tale.
  • The Tremere of Jonesboro disappeared under curious circumstances shortly before Ludovic took residence. Perhaps he had something to do with it.
  • Ludovic isn't that old or even French. The accent and the old clothes are just an act to impress neonates into thinking he's more important.
  • Have you seen Ludovic's collection of Marionettes? I hear he has them made up like other members of the court and has ghouls put on little shows for him.
  • I hear he has a bizarre predilection with forniphilia.
  • A notorious Toreador elder is convinced that Ludovic stole his ghouled tailor and will pay handsomely for proof.
  • I heard he is a disgraced Luminary Elder in disguise.
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Ludovic Pétion
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Seneschal
Domain: Little Rock, AR
Player: Mark Lamm
VST: Damon Edwards

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