Ludovica Giovanni

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Ludovica Giovanni


Physical Description

Ludovica is a petite woman, short in stature and appearing to be in her early 20’s. She is a classic Italian beauty, with raven hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. Even though she is physically slight, she has a commanding presence that cannot be denied when she enters a room. Her clothes are always appropriate for the occasion, and while she does keep up on modern trends she prefers to remain ‘proper’, always seen wearing skirts and dresses, never slacks, and styles that don’t show too much skin.

Brief History

In a time where women were revered but not necessarily leaders of the Family, Ludovica emerged to take control through manipulation and adaptation. Her husband had caught the eye of Claudius and she was determined to see that change--she wanted the embrace for herself. Through inter-familial politics and social sabotage she caused him to lose favor in the eyes of the Family and thus lose any hope of being embraced. Claudius took notice of the sudden change of this once shining star only to find out it was all an intricate game played by Ludovica behind the curtains, and saw the potential she could have as a Kindred of the Family. Ludovica adapted quickly to the embrace, and soon became a public information broker and diplomat for the Family, establishing relations with other political powers to benefit the Giovanni. Privately, she brought her cunning to bear as a political tactician and saboteur, researching relentlessly for ways to destroy the enemies of the Family with no hesitation or remorse.

Current Status

Aside from acting as a mentor for the diplomats of the Family, Ludovica has recently traveled to eastern Europe to speak to luminaries of the Carpathian bloodline of the Tzimisce about a potential alliance in order to further strengthen the political power of the Family and in turn the Independent Alliance.

Known Childer

Harmish Dunsirn
Crassus Giovanni

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 1100 CE to 1600 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Independent Alliance
  • Path: Any. Generally Humanity.
  • Skills: Lore Skill at 3+ with at least one specialization in another Sect.


  • Special: Childer of Ludovica should be politically savvy and focused on the more social aspects of the Family. They tend to excel at being social “chameleons”, able to change and adapt to the company they keep in order to further lure in potential allies, or gain information the Family needs.
  • Special: Childer are encouraged to establish relations with the other sects to further gain allies for the Giovanni.
  • Special: Childer of Ludovica are primarily women, as they’re often the more underestimated members of the Family often denied the Embrace as opposed to their male counterparts. Male PCs can be embraced by her, but they would have to go above and beyond to catch her eye.


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