Luke Breslin

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Character Information

Name: Luke Breslin

Clan: Caitiff

Sect: Anarch

Gang: Witchkult

Domain: Chicago, IL

Luke Breslin.
Wizard Battle.jpg


With his recent exodus from the Camarilla, Luke claims membership to the Anarch Movement of Chicago. As a long time resident of Domain, he fought alongside both Anarchs and Camarilla kindred to push out the Sabbat threat. After the dust settled, he begrudgingly joined the Camarilla thinking it was the only way he could safely remain in his beloved city. Many years later, he renounced his Acknowledgment within the Camarilla and joined his old acquaintances in the Anarch Movement.

Being a bit of an acquired taste, and a bitter one at that, Luke doesn't have many friends or allies among the Kindred of the Camarilla nor the Anarch Movement. His abrasive personality and a foul mouth don't do much to help remedy this either. This, however, suits him just fine. In a world filled with bloodsucking parasites and demon worshiping assholes, there's no real need for friends.


  • "I ain't got fucking time for friends!"
  • The Pizza Delivery Guy
The sword.jpg


  • The Office of the Scourge
  • Buzzkills


  • "Fuck off!"
  • "What?! The Warrens?! You all are going to fucking die!"
  • "I need a gun...someone give me a gun!"
  • "What?"
  • "Hey, hand over your wallet and your phone!"


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  • "So, our local Anarch. He's... an acquired taste. But, he makes things interesting whenever he's around. Especially when he says he wants to host a Symbel for someone to get him the most badass gun ever. I ALMOST wanted to give him one.." - Juniper Durham


  • Luke is on better terms with the Camarilla since his departure.
  • Luke is an Infernalist.
  • Luke helped kill the ex-Prince of Chicago, for Free Pizza.
  • Luke is much older than he claims, stemming from a line of accomplished witch hunters.
  • Luke has encountered and killed at least three Infernalists in the past year.


  • "Ritual Knife" - Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
  • "Into the Night" - Kadavar
  • "The Wizard" - Black Sabbath
  • "Satanic Rites of Drugula" - Electric Wizard
  • "It's Not Because of You" - Witchcraft
  • "Devil Man" - Blues Pills

OOC Information

Player: James King

Player Email:

Storyteller: Tim Hodgden

Storyteller Email:

Location: Chicago, IL