Luke Lamhada

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This Character is Deceased

Name: Luke Lamhada

Deed Name: "Oak Embers"

Rank: Fostern

Notable Traits: Fetish Crafter. Known for his Fetish staves and for accidentally blowing things up when Crafting.

Pack: Sol Invictus

Sept: Sept of the White Fields, Western MA

Status: Deceased


Bitten by Alice "Clear Voice", Alpha of the pack "The Nameless", Luke became a Cub and then Cliath. After seeing something he shouldn't have, he fled to UMass and soon the Sept of the White Fields. Addiction took hold of him after exposure to Pentex-tainted Adderal, which contained elements of the False Bite Serum. In a misguided attempt to cure his own addiction, Luke quested to the Flux Realm, where he was captured, mentally and physically tortured, and used as a Creativity Battery. After his rescue by Sol Invictus he has strived to embrace his responsibilities and fight his addiction and depression without resorting to drastic or chemical measures.

His rank Challenge for Fostern was to learn respect and learn his place by neither initiating conversations nor drawing attention to himself or emphasizing his importance. To not speak unless spoken to. He succeeded and earned the deed name "Oak Embers".

He defended the sept during a raid to destroy a nearby Hive, and gave his life in battle with a Black Spiral Dancer.


  • He remembers now what he was once forced to forget. He remembers who he was. And he’s scared of it.
  • He's still in love with Vanessa.
  • Before coming to the White Fields and learning from Path Seeker, the chiminage he was taught was less respectful and more coercive, painful.
  • He wants to get good enough at crafting Fetishes to create a Klaive.

Known Allies and Friends

OOC Information

Player: Cameron N.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joshua C. Smith

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Location: Western MA, MA-005-D