Luminarya Nightdancer

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Name: Luminarya Nightdancer

Clan: Malkavian


Eerie Presence - Cracks like one might see on a mistreated porcelain doll ring her left eye. The cracks seem to spread if she suffers a very stressful event.


Luminarya is happy to tell people that while she was human she became a Madame who bought or stole abused women from their pimps and gave them a safe place to practice their chosen trade. She will say she was murdered and was turned by her Sire shortly before she would've died.


  • Malkavian Primogen of Dallas


  • Honorable - Prince Olaf Magnusson of Austin
  • Favored - Elder Olivia Collins - Harpy of Austin





  • Born 1975


  • Luminarya's readings are responsible for an estranged family meeting.


  • "Luminarya's investigative skills and spiritual sight are something to behold, she would make an excelent addition to the Sabbat" - Alexander Tenebris
  • "Little Luminous Luminarya and other alliteration. You and your cards have done me a kindness, that I look forward to repaying. And so much less mess than my usual seers methods as well." - Waldren
  • "Let's see if she's capable of stepping out of Logan's shadow." - Natalya Zabirov
  • "Jeg beundrer en som prøver å redde folket sitt. Hun har kanskje en bedre sjanse enn de fleste." - Prince Magnusson
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