Luthor Nixon

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Luthor Nixon

Notable Traits: Tall and bulky, Luthor speaks in a slow Carolina drawl.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


1915 - 2017


Luthor Nixon is a Toreador leatherworker and modern primitive. Born in North Carolina, Luthor joined the US Navy in World War 2. He became enamored with the cultures of the South Pacific. After returning from the war he caught the attention of a Camarilla vampire in California who made him their ghoul. After two years of service, Luthor vanished.

He re-surfaced nearly forty years later on the other side of the country. In 1985 an Anarch gang in Southwest Florida received solid intel about an impending attack by the Sabbat. Thier informant offered to give them more information on the condition that the gang would rescue him from his captors. Armed with Luthor's information, the Anarch gang surprised the Sabbat pack before they could conduct a mass embrace as a pre-cursor to their assault on Fort Myers, Florida.

True to their word, the gang liberated Luthor from the Sabbat, who had eventually embraced him after years of slavery as their "day bitch". He was held in solitary confinement for a year and a day to make sure the blood-slavery rituals of the Sabbat had lost most of their effectiveness. Luthor told the Anarchs how to find his pack, and gave them knowledge of their battle tactics. The Anarchs caught all four of Luthor's old packmates and brought them before the local Camarilla Prince, demanding boons for their service. The Prince grudgingly obliged, and the Anarchs immediately called in the boons in exchange for allowing Luthor to survive. The Prince negotiated, allowing Luthor to stay with the Anarchs for five years, with the understanding that they were responsible for his actions. Afterward, the Prince would consider whether permanent clemency would be granted.

The Anarchs kept a close eye on Luthor, and he and the gang became fast friends. Five years passed, and the Prince renewed Luthor's "lease on life". Another five years later and Luthor was a committed member of the Anarchs. The lease was again renewed, and again, five times in total.

The Prince, meanwhile, had been collecting boons of his own. After twenty-five years of "tolerating" the Anarch, he offered a final deal. Luthor would be allowed to remain, permanently, if he renounced his ties to the Anarch movement and became and remained an upstanding member of the Camarilla. The other option was Final Death. The Prince's scheme paid off, as the Anarchs were shaken by Luthor's defection. Some called him a traitor, while others understood he had little choice.

Luthor remains friends with many of the Anarchs who rescued him. The gang has taken over the area after the disappearance of the Camarilla Prince, and Luthor now hopes to be a bridge between the two sects.


  • 1915: Born in Franklin, North Carolina.
  • 1942: Leaves his leatherworking business to join the Navy.
  • 1943: Stationed on a small island in the South Pacific where he is exposed to the native culture.
  • 1945: Returns from World War 2. Travels the west coast of the US and experiments with “body play”.
  • 1945: Becomes a ghoul to Róisín Fitzgerald.
  • 1947: Vanishes without a trace.
  • 1985: Rescued from the Sabbat by an Anarch Gang in Southwest Florida.
  • 2011: Leaves the Anarchs to join the Camarilla.


  • Luthor is still as loyal to the Sabbat as ever.
  • Luthor can't step foot on holy ground.
  • Luthor's whale-bone tattoo kit doesn't contain whale bones.

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OOC Information

Player: Edward Seibert

Player Email:

Storyteller: Andrew Logan

Storyteller Email:

Location: FL-046 Fort Myers, FL