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Physical Description

Lydia is a petite Iranian woman who appears to be in her mid to late 40s. Her lips seem to be locked in a permanent pout and she has a knack for looking down her small nose even at people significantly taller.

Brief History

Lydia was only 40 years old when she was Embraced, but appears older by modern comparison. She was widowed fairly young, but was a prodigious artisan of ceramics in the Median city of Rhages (present day Rey, Iran). She never remarried, but grew close to a poet and disciple of Zoroaster. Lydia’s friend was actually a ghoul for her soon to be Sire. The embrace was not kind to Lydia, who found that she had lost the spark of inspiration for her craft, and she grew resentful over the next couple of centuries as she saw her works lost to time and her reputation surpassed by “lesser” artisans. She spent much of Classical Antiquity and the early Middle Ages involved in mortal and vampiric politics in the Middle East before disappearing. Sometime during the European Renaissance she began quietly trying to recover any of her old works that remained, manipulating the princes and potentates of the world to acquire them. By the 20th century she is one of the greatest experts at organizing archaeological projects as well as trading on the antiquities black market.

Current Status

Lydia scours the globe for her lost artwork. She is a master at acquiring, smuggling and hiding black market antiquities and artifacts.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 280 BCE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Any.
  • Path: Any.
  • Skills: Must have two of the following at 3+: Academics, Awareness, or, Crafts, Investigation
  • Discipline: Must have Auspex 3+


  • Special: Influence 3+ (Elite or Underworld) with a specialization to reflect connection to archeology or antiquities trade


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