Lydia Ambrosia

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General Information

Name: Lydia Ambrosia
Deed Name: Spins Your Tale
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Ananasi
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Wyrsta (Malim)
Faction: Wyrm - Hatar
Sept: The Last Bastion of Light's Keep
Sept Position: Talesinger
Notable Features: Small fangs, a blackened bite mark scar on her shoulder, always wears black and purple, with a pentagram charm around her neck, red hourglass marking that shows up on her chest when the moon is in her Auspice

Spinning Webs

Lydiaspider 2.png


Lydia Spider Web.png Eats foxes whole.
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Lydia Spider Web.png "Such a resourceful and trustworthy woman, I am fortunate indeed to know her and count her as an ally." - Akechi Kaito
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Allies and Friends

Lydia Spider Web.png Priscilla Lamnidae Priscillasharkemoji.png
Lydia Spider Web.png Kaito Fox-emoji-png-6.png
Lydia Spider Web.png Jultan Wolf-1.png
Lydia Spider Web.png Ken Takamura Fox-emoji-png-6.png
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Threads of Sound

Lydia Spider Web.pngEverybody Wants to Rule the World, Lorde

Help me make the most of freedom / And of pleasure / Nothing ever lasts forever

Lydia Spider Web.pngLateralus, Tool

As below, so above and beyond, I imagine / Drawn outside the lines of reason / Push the envelope, watch it bend

Lydia Spider Web.pngSextape, Deftones

Take me one more time / Take me one more wave / Take me for one last ride

Lydia Spider Web.pngFive on the Five, Raconteurs

It's a decision that was made between you and me / And the division that was lately this odyssey, believe me / I'm bad enough and I guess we're doing fine

Lydia Spider Web.pngRest my Chemistry (Our Love to Admire), Interpol

Got to take some time to realize / That my friends they come / And the lines they go by / Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry

Lydia Spider Web.pngAll Wound Up. She Wants Revenge

Oh, I wanna get down with you / And I don't care who came with who / I'm not concerned to be left behind / 'Cause I'm all wound up / And short on time"

OOC Information

Player: Monika B US2008032050
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VST: Andy Lambert
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