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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lyla

Notable Traits:Lyla has dark hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pale as though she spends far too much of her life indoors. She almost always carries a satchel bag.

Type: Mortal

Character Type Subgroup: Sleepwalker


Lyla began studying the supernatural at a young age. Being a sleepwalker she noticed things that others didn't. She was able to remember what no one else around her could. At 15 she was hired by the vampire Vincent to do research for him. She has been working for him for the past 6 years and even has been marked as his. (a small tattoo on the inside of her right wrist). Recently she has been allowed to attend gatherings for the supernatural.


  • Lyla is actually a supernatural in hiding.
  • Lyla learned how to identify a demon-summoning circle before she got her first kiss.
  • Vincent is in love with Lyla but will never admit it for some unknown reason.
  • Lyla is actually the Spirit of the Compact taken human form. It is why so few remember seeing her before the Ten Seconds War.
  • Lyla once got lost in the Prince of Cat's personal Library for days...
  • Vampires don't talk about the Daywalkers, and for very good reasons. Despite all that, Lyla is very nice. Downright sweet even.


  • "Lyla is close to me, she has worked for me for a long time now. There is no one I would trust more with the things she knows. Harm her and my wrath shall be unlike anything you have seen before." - Vincent
    • "Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!" - Alice
  • "The most dangerous thing about Lyla, everyone has plans for her..." - Prince of Cats
  • "She was trying to be helpful, which I can't say for most of the others." - Max
  • "Lyla knows things. Seems like maybe a whole lot of things. I have some real big questions for her." - Richard Weaver
  • "People who have suffered as she has are terrifying when they learn their strength." - Mara
  • "I'm sorry, why are you asking questions about our cabalmate?" -Mr. Shine
  • "It's disheartening to see some one defending this blood addiction vampires seem to cause." -Tag
  • "When we first met she was the slave of an absentee vampire master. Has since moved up in the world. I expect her to become a Real Person any time now" - Alice

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Emery

Player Email:

Storyteller: David Musgrove

Storyteller Email:

Location: New Zealand