Lysander Falconbridge

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Loyal Ancilla to the Camarilla

Sire: Ludovic Pétion | Grandsire x2: Seamus Montague

"We feed on information. Information is necessary for our survival. Without information we die."
— Carl Sagan

Lysander Falconbridge is a tall slender flamboyant Kindred with longer blonde hair swooped to one side. He is known for his outlandish outfits and cheerful attitude. He hides frighteningly pale eyes behind his rose tinted glasses as to not give off too much of an uncomfortable presence, but in serious situations he tends to remove them to make stronger eye contact with others. His outfits change from gathering to gathering and he greatly enjoys adding dark feathers to his attire. He is most often in a large feather shawl covering his shoulders with several necklaces and rings.

He is a proud member of House Montague, always one to praise their founder Seamus on his wisdom and guidance. He tends to spend much of his time finding and gathering information from both the past and the present as he feels keeping Kindred history safe to be of most importance. He has the deepest respect for Elders of all clans because of their vast knowledge of the past.

Despite being 120 years old he considers himself quite a modern man, always looking into the latest technology which he has always found incredibly interesting. He can be seen quite often playing around with new tech and getting overexcited on any new updates or development that devices may have. He has always been superb with computers and has kept up with them since the beginning of early calculating machines, with this he is always available to help out with any technology that older Kindred may find confusing. He is also very fond of tarot cards and other mortal "magic" and enjoys giving readings to people though he always makes sure to point out that it's all just for fun.

He can get a bit exasperated and impatient at times especially around his Childe Jack and can sometimes seem condescending and full of himself, he has a bad habit of talking far too much about himself at times and he may need a bit of a nudge to shut up from his elders.

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence: White Eyes



August 2nd, 1898: Born Lysander Châtillon in Kensington London, England to an aristocratic household, French father René Châtillon and an English mother Mabel Châtillon, née Falconbridge.
1916: Entered The University of Cambridge at 18 majoring in British Political Science.
1919: Wrote a large essay on the occult which he published alongside other supernatural reports in a small book under his mother’s Maiden name

  • Occult in Britain and The History of Witchcraft by Lysander Falconbridge

1920: Graduated and with his friend Joshua, wrote two books on supernatural legends

  • Modern Witchcraft and the Evil Among Us by Lysander Falconbridge & Joshua Stanfield
  • The Spirit World’s Connections by Lysander Falconbridge & Joshua Stanfield

1921: While Joshua is on a trip to the United States, Lysander writes another book based on Joshua's European Travel notes

  • Haunted Locations of Europe by Lysander Falconbridge

1922: Lysander leaves for the United States as it is apparent that Joshua has gone missing, upon arrival in Boston he follows what is left of Joshua's trail into the deep woods of Massachusetts, finding no trace of his friend, he instead follows the legends across the east coast of America and further inward to Louisiana. He is there eventually ghouled by Ludovic Pétion
1923: After only a year he is embraced by Ludovic with permission, it is this year he meets his house head Seamus Montague
1923-1939: Lysander remains mostly in the Chantry to his studies
1945:Lysander travels back to England to collect what was left of his life
1960-1966: Travels America collecting information on technology breakthroughs, in this time he releases two self indulgent books under a fake name

  • The Disappearance of Lysander Falconbridge by Kurt Harrison
  • The Lost Journal of Lysander Falconbridge by Kurt Harrison

1966-1969:Moves to Marseille France for a few years where he sets up connections with European Sea transportation, releases another book

  • Top 50 Haunted Locations in Europe by Kurt Harrison

1970: Ghouls Jack Warren
1975: Embraces Jack and returns to America to bring him before his Elders
1988 Ghouls Robert Miller
1989: Moves to Detroit with his Childe and ghoul to stay closer to Elder Seamus
1993: Embraces Robert Miller
1994-1999: Remains in the Chantry to keep watch as Seamus is in Torpor until that rest is broken by The Week of Nightmares in Battle Creek
2017: Named Seneschal of Detroit


  • "He easily ascends to new heights in the Tower every passing night; one of the most talented young minds of the Camarilla and our clan." - Seamus Montague
  • "J'apprécie les qualités fantastiques de ses premières œuvres, bien que le mystère soit moins impressionnant quand on connaît déjà la fin." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "Saw him a few times, and holy fuck. Mighttttt have swooned, I think it's the hair. I like guys with longer hair. Hoo boy" - Juniper Durham
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Lysander Falconbridge
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Seneschal
Domain: Detroit, MI
Player: Wes Cunningham Closs
VST: Dorothy Feltner


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