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Free Council
Arcanum Spirit


Commonly Known Information

Name: Gracie Douger aka MD

Notable Traits: Vivid red hair, age 49, Middle-American accent

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Thrysus Free Coucil

Cabal: House of Cups

Nimbus: Sounds seem faded and far away, while the mage's hair and clothing flow gently in a sudden gust of wind. If you listen, somewhere in the background you can hear music playing softly, but you just can't figure out the song. (Resolve+1; Athletics-1)


1969, June 4: Gracie was born

1987, August: Gracie starts at Walsh for her Undergrad ( )

1989, May 1st: Gracie awakens. She spends the summer getting a handle on her magic until she starts school again in August. A Thyrsus named Dew trains her.

1991, April: Gracie graduates Walsh.

1991, June: Gracie starts at NEOMED ( )

1995, May: Gracie graduates NEOMED.

1995, June 5th: Gracie starts her integrated residency in internal medicine.

1998, July 1st: Gracie marries Matthew--an Obrimos Free Council shadow named Gannondorf that's been her mentor for the Order.

2012, December 21st: The changing of the world--The Icarus Event. Matthew and the rest of the Concillium go to battle and are wiped out. Gracie mourns everyone but Matthew most of all.

2015, June 24th: Gracie moves to Auckland New Zealand after having vacationed in the country for the month prior. She fell in love with it.

2018: Game start

The Heights

The Heights


  • MD's cat is an actual demon.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "MD is a lovely woman, a kind and caring heart, and endless patience for her patients. She'd probably give me such a glare if she heard that pun, though..." - Malzmei
  • "MD always watches out for us. Even when I burn my hand taking the baking out of the oven." - Ruby Phoenix
  • "Doc is authentic and considerate. It pains me though that she only has a cat." - Ava Li
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Birthday: June 4, 1969

Age: 49 years old

Tropical zodiac: Gemini


Email Address:


Company: H. J. Douger & Associates

Occupation: MD


Height: 5' 6" (167 centimeters)

Weight: 193.8 pounds (88.1 kilograms)

Blood type: B+


Favorite color: Black

Vehicle: 2018 Velar HSE Range Rover ( )


Home and Office in one building:


LPN Samantha Kay Riley

LPN Samantha Kay Riley.jpg



Player Bio

Player: Denise Lilly

Player Email:

Storyteller: iVST, David Musgrove

Storyteller Email: