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Hello, fellow LARP and wiki enthusiast! If you read through this content and still have questions, please contact wiki admin email account.

How do I log in?

1. Open the link for the MES Player Portal in a new tab.
2. Log into the MES Player Portal with your account information.
3. Return to the wiki and click the "Log in" link in the upper right hand corner. It should auto-refresh to a logged-in state.

How can I make a page?

1. Enter the title you want in the Search box, top right.
2. Click on the red link that says "Create page your title" at the top of the results.

How can I delete a page I created accidentally, or that needs to be removed?

Type [[Category:Delete Me]] at the top of the article.

I didn't give my page the wrong title and now I can't change it. Help?

Email your friendly wiki admin with details.

Are there any rules about what I can and cannot put on the wiki?

MES Wiki User Guide is what you want.

All this coding looks hard. Help?

Formatting Help links to tutorials. Additionally, you can check the home page for each venue (linked in the "Venue Portals" column of the main page) for easy to use basic templates. Fancier templates will be released in the future.

How do I make sure my pages are sorted into the right categories?

MES Wiki Category List has lists of category codes, organized by venue and usage. The basic templates for each venue include all the relevant category codes, so you simply erase what you don't need.