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Ladies and gentlemen,

Please read the following guidelines in their entirety before posting your new wiki pages. If you read through this content and still have questions, please hit up the wiki admin email account.

Guideline #1: Know what you are posting

The wiki is a great place for malleable information. That means documents that are edited frequently, and by anyone who wishes to add their mark. For that reason, certain types of pages are encouraged, while others are not acceptable on the wiki site.

Please post the following:

  • PC pages
  • NPC pages
  • PC or NPC groups (coteries, packs, lineages, etc.)
  • In game locations
  • In game events
  • Chapter, domain, and regional information pages
  • Convention and event info pages

Please refrain from posting the following:

  • copyrighted materials (text or image)
  • more category pages
  • lores
  • game mechanics
  • addenda/club materials
  • domain reports

Lores and club materials are posted to the main MES site as they are updated for this chronicle. Game mechanics are under copyright, and are not suitable for the wiki. The wiki is not a secure place to store domain reports, as anyone can edit them (and give themselves some free prestige). Links to PDF or read-only domain reports in a shared drive are fine.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it does focus on the primary purposes of the wiki as a storytelling tool and organizational network. When considering posting something outside the scope of this list, consider if it would fit onto another page (giving it context) or if it is appropriate for the wiki at all.

Guideline #2: If you don’t want it public, DON’T post it

All information on IC pages is considered fair game for play. Be careful what you reveal on your pages, and don't spill secrets on someone else's.

Guideline #3: ...but you can lie.

Rumors sections are a popular part of many character and event pages, and are often filled with tantalizing half-truths. But what if your PC is a Ventrue infiltrating the Toreador? What if your Changeling is really working for the fae while pretending to be good and kind? As long as your VST knows the truth and approves, put your cover story on the wiki. It is a repository of what one might consider common knowledge...and that isn’t always the truth.

Guideline #4: Respect others.

As long as all other guidelines are followed, and materials are in character, players have final word on what goes on their page. If you believe there is an issue of OOC harassment regarding wiki usage, please contact the Wiki Admin and copy your coordinator on the email.

Instances of genuine harassment are dealt with as follows:

  • 1st instance: letter of counseling sent to player and their coordinator
  • 2nd instance: letter of counseling sent to player and their coordinator, plus one week ban from wiki
  • 3rd instance: letter of counseling sent to player and their coordinator, plus two week ban from wiki
  • 4th instance: letter of counseling sent to player and their coordinator, plus ban from wiki (time to be determined by admin and coordinators)

Guideline #5: Customize pages all you want, but you must include these items:

  • All IC pages must contain contact information for you and your direct storyteller. (You are not your own direct storyteller.)
  • For PC pages, you must include anything about your PC that can be learned through a Politics check (or the appropriate roll for the venue). This includes items such as sect status, covenant status, positions or titles, clan, bloodline, pack, city of residence, etc..
  • IC locations and IC events should be linked to a specific hosting chapter, domain, region, national staff, or event. For example, the player of Suzette Ventrue wants to host an IC poker tournament at a coming regional event game. After clearing it with the event staff and storytellers, the player can create a wiki page as an invitation/advertisement/guest list for the poker tournament and link it to the main event page.
  • All OOC pages must contain the contact information for the individual(s) responsible for the creation and upkeep of the page.