Macha Ruad

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Player: Tara Deenihan

Storyteller: Marshall C.

Coordinator: Ilan N.

Location: New York City, NY


  • Scáthach, "American Horror Story"
  • Meslisandre, "Game of Thrones"
  • The Log Lady, "Twin Peaks"
  • The Morrigan


Aliases: Daughter of the Morrigan
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: New York, NY
Title or Position: Court Witch

Abiding Status

  • Elder - Confirmed, Established, Privileged

Fleeting Status

It is not known exactly how old Macha is – some say she doesn't even recall herself. She was born in Ireland but has not returned for many years, though she still reveres the old gods of her homeland. Since her Embrace she has learned to prize the relative independence her condition allows (at least compared to her mortal days), and to fervently seek out knowledge and wisdom. Macha often listens more than she speaks. Though she wears the mantle of the Morrigan, a goddess of war, she is not quick to action or emotion and is more reserved than many of her clan.




Poetry in Motion


Stanislav Zakharov



  • If you have to ask...



Ráflaí (Rumors)

  • Macha is the reason for the superstition about women on ships being bad luck.
  • In her mortal life, Macha was a Catholic nun.
  • Macha is secretly a Tremere infiltrating the Assamites.
  • If you see Macha cleaning blood from soiled garments, you will soon die.

Sleachta (Quotes)

  • "Mamochka's sense of humor is like oak-aged vodka. Rarely seen and a bit on the dark side, even for me." - Stanislav Zakharov
  • "Her perspective has helped me truly understand this modern era of innovation." - Elijah Zacheaus
  • "So Macha's creepy, right? But not in a 'ooh look at me I'm here to fuck with you' way. She's just rocking out, being herself. And herself happens to be this cool creepy witch lady. And I respect that." - Kyle Morgan
  • "Elder Macha's the most polite person I've ever let inside my mind, and the most unpredictable I've seen in combat." - Bartleby Crane
  • She's a perfect example why, sometimes, witches just gotta burn. - Luca Muscato
  • "One of my most trusted confidants, it is not me you should fear crossing, but her. My rage can be quenched or distracted, but Macha is the embodiment of a forest fire, once she gets started its not a question of putting her out, but evacuating people from whatever path she's expected to take. And you had better hope the winds don't change." - Jack Rider
  • "Had a lovely chat with her about the nature of her gods and mine. Chilling, but I know her heart's in the right place." – Ambrose Goddard
  • "She's not quite in the habit of being a Camarilla elder, but I enjoy the unpredictability. And she's not picky about her food, either." - Mara Nordahl
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