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Commonly Known Information

Name: Machicoulis (a.k.a. Mac)

Notable Traits: Bow ties and New Balance 574s

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Victorious (Prince Amyntas), Favored (Lord Belteshazzar), Loyal (Lord Belteshazzar)

Positions: Primogen of Clan Nosferatu (San Francisco


Machicoulis [Mash-i-coo-ly], or "Mac" was a fur trader and American spy infiltrating the British-Canadian territories leading up to the War of 1812. Embraced into the Clan as a local guide to European Camarilla Kindred coming to America, he smuggled Kindred west as the Camarilla was pushed out by the Sabbat. Finally establishing himself in San Francisco at the direction of his Grandsire, Belteshazzar, Mac is now often the "face" of Clan Nosferatu in San Francisco.


1812 - Machicoulis spends the next decade moving Kindred safely through Sabbat territories to safety on the west coast.

1850 - Machicoulis is released from accounting and left in San Francisco to watch over his sire's and grandsire's interests.

1863 - As hunter activity begins to develop in San Francisco, Mac begins to watch for them. His time guarding Kindred from the Sabbat has made him leery of any danger to his Sect.

1999 - The Week of Nightmares steals Mac's attention away from keeping tabs on Hunters.

2005 - Although Mac predicted "The First Wave" of Hunters, his warning comes late (he was still transitioning away from his studies involving the Week of Nightmares), and goes mostly unheeded by the local court.


OOC Information

Player: Bryce Barrow

Player Email:

Storyteller: Tanya Telson

Storyteller Email:

Location: | San Francisco