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"I helped to kill a god and tasted his blood as the spoils of victory.
Don't think I won't grant you the same courtesy."

- Maciek Albescu.

General Information

Name: Maciek Albescu

Aliases: The White Viper

Clan: Assamite (Vizier)

Social Standing: Master Elder of the Camarilla

Clan Standing:

Lineage: Poetry in Motion

Known Timeline of Events. Assamite Lore

1223: Maciek Albescu born to poor shepherds and wool merchants in Bulgaria. They move along into the Byzantine Empire seeking better fortune.
1232 – 1250: He is sold into slavery by his parents. No one quite knows why. He is trained as a warrior in the household of the Sultan which changes hands several times as wars ravage the land and Crusade. Maciek serves for many years rising to the head of the Sultan’s harem guard. The Seljuq court and the Sultan go to the court of Constantinople in 1250 to get assistance with stabilizing and holding off the Mongols. Maciek has seen too much suffering of the wives and concubines of the Sultan. In a desperate attempt he tries to get them out but they are captured and Maciek is sentenced to execution.
1250: Rumi cannot stand by and watch Maciek die so she rescues him in the night.
1260-1360: For the next century under the tutelage of Master Saide in Alamut he is taught to be a weapons master and the power of the blood. Surprisingly, he quickly masters the bow but weapons of all types. Rumi checks in from time to time on him and is pleased with his progress.
1360: he moves to Italy and makes friends with up and coming Ventrue, Lasombra, and Toreador masquerading as a church singer protecting the eunuch choirs of the Hagia Sofia. Defends them against those who would abuse them for centuries.
1405: Gratiano de Veronese leads an Anarch assault on the haven of Lasombra himself in Sicily - VtM WB Event: Attack on the Castle of Shadows. Maciek plays a major role and some say he was there when Lasombra died.
1406: On the run from Lasombra loyal Magisters. He stays with Nosferatu. He pays them boons to hide him and using Nosferatu talents they succeed. Over time he stays with them repaying the debts and they grow to be close.
1500: Over the years he meets many elders of the Tower and they attend plays and Operas together as the artform emerges and he continues to watch over the Castrati singers as they become more mainstream and less church oriented.
1700: Called to Paris, France by Rumi who he has not seen in some time. Is introduced to his new broodmate Odette.
1701: Meets a woman Collette and embraces her inspired by Rumi’s challenge for him to sire. She almost immediately bolts for the colonies. He is broken for some time and his depression makes him move to do the unspeakable next as he throws himself into his contracts to forget her. She goes on to embrace Skol in years to come and Eliza Trenton
1826 - August 10: The sultan was ready to move against the Janissary in favor of a more modern military. The sultan informed them, through a fatwa, that he was forming a new army, organized and trained along modern European lines. As predicted, they mutinied, advancing on the sultan's palace. In the ensuing fight, the Janissary barracks were set in flames by artillery fire resulting in 4,000 Janissary fatalities. Maciek had been watching Turhan Bey – a Janissary in their archery core of exceptional precision and honor. During the fighting Turhan was injured greatly and Maciek knew he must embrace him lest an artisan of such quality leave the world forever.
1952 - Eliza Trenton shows up on his doorstep informing him that Collette embraced her and she had been looking for him. Hopeful, that he might find Collette and work through unresolved issues and reluctant to let a fledgling who was obviously in an a highly emotional state out on her own and unable to take time to break from the hunt he takes her into it and they begin stalking together.
1953 - Maciek meets a beautiful heiress at a Cotillion at a southern country club. He watches Barbara who is the model of a 50’s housewife and he takes an even greater interest in her abusive husband. He murders her husband and takes her as a ghoul.
1955 Lucas Farrell of the Samedi calls in the favor to take Barbara off his hands. Maciek is furious but a contract of a boon is his honor so he must let her go.
1960 - Barbara returns with a bag of ashes they resume as though nothing had changed except now she is Samedi.
2006 - Rumi convinces Maciek that being on the run from the Mountain forever will not be a good thing and it is only by joining the Tower that he can be safe and secure. Reluctantly, he joins and he uses prestation to leverage his way into a fast tracked Elder postition.
2008 : Moves to Detroit to be with Turhan Bey his childe who lives there and to be with his friends. Meets with the court of Detroit.
2014 : - Rumi asks Eliza Trenton and Maciek to go to Chicago to help Elder Siegrid to support their ally . Eliza Trenton stays on as their Sheriff
2018 : Eliza Trenton dies defending the life of Siegrid of the True North at the hands of rogue Tremere. Maciek swears Vendetta and demands the blood price be paid.

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If you see the scarf wrapped around his head and not around his neck, payment has been rendered and something will die.

Camarilla, Anarch, Lasombra lores only!

Maciek has been around many centuries and has haunted the courts of Europe and the Middle East. He was a heavily involved participant with the Assamites during the Anarch Revolt and participated in the Assault on the VtM WB Event: Attack on the Castle of Shadows in Sicily. He still has many ties to the Lasombra though they officially parted ways when the Sabbat formed. He has amassed a tidy sum of boons over his existence through contracts. Mostly bodyguarding and escorting but others suggest darker events. He did have to dip into his stores to smooth his joining the Camarilla because some of the Tower Loyal Lasombra actually wanted him tried as a war criminal for killing their founder.

Known to the Assamites


Rumors and Revelations


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  • "No! Do not call my boy, my Treasure, anything other than precious! He is no monster, he is my sweet son and has brought me nothing but joy. Silence, I'll hear none of this." - Rumi
  • "Ah, mon frère! From the moment of our first meeting, he has been a kind welcome and constant support. He is glorious proof that a soul can be redeemed, should they truly desire to pursue such and are willing to work dillingently. I know no greater man." - Odette bint Rumi
  • "That's right. I've killed women and children. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another. And I'm here to kill you." - Maciek
  • "He has a personage that is deceptive. Do not let his countenance fool you; he is what his title presents and has done more than you may ever know." - Walter lo
  • "Despite our difference in ideologies, we have both fought against each of our enemies, in the past. A brave warrior and a wise counsel, the Camarilla should be honored to have him." - Dante
  • "One simply never knows who will cross your path on any given night. I feel fortunate to have encountered Elder Albescu in such a large crowd, brief as our contact was. I look forward to a night less distracting than the Founder's Day Ball, that we may get to know each other better." Alistair Beckworth
  • "He leads, I follow. what do you desire to know of him that you fear to ask him or others?"- Skoll
  • "I spent a time with him championing diplomacy, I often had to adjust memories after he was finished." - David
  • "In all my centuries I have not felt my beast lie as quiet and still as it does in the hours I spend with Maciek." -Rhiannon Byrd
  • "It is rare to find someone that occupies my sisters attentions for any length of time, Maciek is one of the rare few and I am glad for them." -Rowan Byrd
  • "Du ser på døden når du ser på ham. Han er berørt av Hel, og Tyr styrer sin sinne." - Olaf
  • "We were once enemies in a great and terrible war. To this night I thank the gods that I never faced him on the battlefield." -Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "There is nothing more terrifying than a kindred that comfortable in his skin." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "Even in spite of his betrayal, Maciek and I have found some measure of common ground. We are blood brothers, fighting in a blood feud, in a war with no victors. Only casualties." - Dar Adan
  • "The Elder is that delicious combination of charming and terrifying. I am honored to carry his Favor." Holly Wood
  • "A fascinating elder who is both equally terrifying, charming, and hilarious. We are fortunate to have him grace our quaint domain of Bortucal." Emmett Legrasse
  • "There's an Assamite in Bortucal now?! Where?!" Eleanor Westmont
  • "It's such a pleasure to meet a man who knows the value of a secret. I suspect such comes from many years of good business sense." - Maxine Chambers
  • "A kind and cultured man with an overwhelming viciousness in his eyes. I could ask for no better of an uncle." -Elika Rezaee
  • "When this is all over, I have one last lesson to teach. Until that time, I shall be his anchor." - Maris Bell
  • "He seems to be an honorable elder who can realize when he's been played." - Leon Harris
  • "It's been some time since I've had occasion to speak with an Assamite since their... Regrettable decision. Meeting Maciek in Los Angeles was a most unexpected surprise, and a quite pleasant one." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Oh Maciek, it is always a pleasure to endure his presence." ~Donzella Costigan
  • "His mind and tongue are equally sharp, I do genuinely enjoy our talks." - Alenzia Komnenos


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  • Maciek helped actively in the VtM WB Event: Attack on the Castle of Shadows and played a major role.
  • Some Lasombra especially those in the Tower who were Loyal to their loving Father haven't forgotten or forgiven
  • He's quietly respected among the Sabbat. Some of those Lasombra look on him as a lost brother.
  • Maciek is in the possession of several forbidden books
  • Maciek is one of the pure Viziers along with Rumi who detest diablerie.
  • Maciek doesn't like Tremere.
  • Maciek works with the Tremere all the time though doesn't he?
  • Maciek works with an equally sinister Ventrue to guide the Camarilla into a new age of enlightenment.
  • His black scarf was gifted to him by al-Ashrad. Jealous, Tegyrius no longer invites Maciek to his birthday parties.
  • Is a relatively good sport about being Bear Baited.

Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
City: Detroit, MI
Player: John T.
Storyteller: Dorothy F.

Player: John T.


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