Mackenzie Haynes

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mackenzie "Kenzie" Haynes, deeded Feathers-Arrows-With-Her-Rage

Priyo: Ahroun

Pack: None

Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta

Personality: Kenzie is an angry, angry young Garou. She has a short temper, supreme confidence in herself, and a willingness to back her words with her fists (or her claws) which can make for a dangerous combination.


Mackenzie (or "Kenzie") Haynes didn't expect to be a werewolf or to be anything much except some kid from a shitty broken home. She grew up sullen and unhappy, shuttled back forth first between her mom and her dad, then between her dad and her maternal grandmother once her mom disappeared out of her life. She was a teenager, angry at the world and angsting about coming out of the closet when her world got turned on its head. A woman named Liv, claiming to be her mom's sister, arrived out of the night at her dad's place to say that Kenzie needed to go with her--she was needed. Dad refused, said that this was a bunch of bullshit and told the bitch to get out of his house. When Mackenzie tried to argue, he hit her across the face. It was the first time he had done that. It was also the last time. Mackenzie frenzied and when she came to herself again she was naked underneath a blanket in the backseat of Liv's car.


Things got kinda crazy after that.

She found out that she was actually a werewolf, a Garou. Her mom had been related to them but not one herself and now it turned out Kenzie was a warrior for Gaia. She learned who she was supposed to be--a warrior first, and a capable one. That she had sisters who would always support her. She learned to fight, to wield a bow, to craft weapons and arrows to suit her abilities. She even made friends--other young garou who came together with her to form her first packHer pack was killed recently when their over-confidence and eagerness led them into a trap laid for them by vampires. To her shame, she lived, partially due to the assistance of Juniper. Now, uncertain about her future, she’s heading Sonoma to try and get her head on straight.


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