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“I may be negligent, foolish, and fearful; In every one of these no man is free...”
― William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

Sept of the Fallen Heroes Sanguine Barghest Denizens of Interest

OOC Information

Storyteller: Kerri H.
Storyteller Email:
Venue Style Sheet: VSS Wyld Nights
Downtime Form: Macon Garou Downtime Form
Domain Wiki: Sanguine Barghest
Game Date: Third Sunday of the Month

Storyteller Notes

Player Advisory: Adult themes, vivid descriptions, and violent content will occur. At any time, any player that feels uncomfortable with a scene should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene, or those in the scene if no storyteller is directly involved. The phrase “Fade to Black” can be used to do this. The storyteller will work with the player to resolve the issue and scene. If there is no storyteller present, the scene will immediately stop and a storyteller will be gotten to resolve the issue and scene for all players involved.

Proxy: Players proxying into or from this VSS will be required to spend a Downtime action.

Travel Risks: Medium travel risk. Macon is overtaken by the Wyrm and players entering or leaving the area may run into antagonist encounters that might contain combat.

Medium Threat: Characters should expect a medium to high level of threat in encounters. Macon is infested with the Wyrm and it wants nothing more than to corrupt and destroy all it touches. Not all encounters will be combat based, but threat of wyrm taint is ever-present.

Character Sheets: Players are required to have a current copy of their character sheet on hand including xp logs and approvals for their character that can be easily presented to staff. Only character sheets from the approvals database are considered valid.

Visiting Player Guidelines: Traveling visitors are requested to submit their character sheets with appropriate signatures and approvals 3 days prior to the game in order to receive guaranteed review and approval. Three days advanced notice is requested but not required to allow for a more seamless and timely check-in process. Paperwork submitted within the three days of game will be left to the discretion of the storyteller staff for admittance to the game. The storyteller staff always reserves the right to deny abusive concepts, cross venue play or specific genre unbalancing items.
Players whose characters wish to participate in the Macon Domain games via supernatural means must agree to place their character’s body under the jurisdiction of the Venue storyteller, and agree to place their character’s body within the out of character geographical boundaries of the Macon BNS Werewolf venue.