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SanguineBarghestBanner.png Sanguine Sinners SanguineBarghestBanner.png

The Diocese Sanguine Barghest Sanguine Sinners

OOC Information

Storyteller: Michael B. Walton
Storyteller Email:
Venue Style Sheet: VSS Sanguine Sinners
Downtime Form: Macon Masquerade Downtime Form
Domain Wiki: Sanguine Barghest
Game Date: Third Saturday of the Month

Storyteller Notes

  • Visiting players should send the ST their sheets at least 24 hours before attending a game.
  • Visiting players will need to present their character sheets to the ST upon arrival before they may enter play and any approval numbers must be listed in the notes section of the character sheet. Depending on current plot travel may be difficult and players will need to run a quick scene with the ST to determine if they had difficulty arriving.
  • Players that do not have a point of herd on their sheet must spend 2 downtime actions to feed.
  • To increase levels of the Herd Background requires the xp expenditure and 1 downtime action of leaving the area to abduct a human into their herd.


VSS: Sanguine Sinners
VSS Boundaries: Macon County, Dooly County, and Sumter County
Domain Code: GA-016-D
Current average player attendance: 20

City Type: Sabbat
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: None
Sect Boundaries: Macon County, Dooly County, and Sumter County

Theme: Evolution
Mood: Trepidation
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade