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"This is how they survive. You must know this. You're too smart not to know this. They paint the world full of shadows... and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgments. Because in the darkness, there be dragons. But it isn't true. We can prove that it isn't true. In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it”

Name: Mad Dog Jack
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 9th
Position: Prince of San Antonio
House: Siegrid-Agmundr House


Confirmed (Ancilla)
Authority (Prince)
Commander (Prince)
Sovereign (Prince)

Courteous - Prince Wallace Parnes of Reno Nevada

Notable Traits
Care Free

Mad Dog Jack Alway have the Cool spray of the Sea and the smell of Salt around him, he is a pirate from the golden age of Piracy, He was born an french aristocrat but life has way of changing things spent 15 years as a Ventrue ghoul before I was pouched by a brujah in House Agmundr he is a man that collect thing and sells, he always has gold coin from Spanish treasure or Nazi gold. He is violent but very well educated. He is Violent because Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order. In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology, and culture.

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  • June 1709 – Jamaica – North wind was in port and the Captain was looking for more crew members. There end up being 8 of us that past Captain visual inspection, then we were to discuss it among ourselves and the 2 that are best suited come back before dark. We went to an ally and brawled it out one of the winner was Kevin and after that he was named Mad Dog. We signed on to North Wind a privateer working for the Queen in the War of the Spanish Succession.

  • 1709 to 1714 – west Indies – Sailed as a privateer in the War of the Spanish Succession.

  • 1714 – Jamaica – The war was over and our letters of Marque are no longer valid, but once you have a taste of piracy it is hard to go to regular work. Mad Dog Jack gathered all the crew that would meet him and a speech about what was next we could go off and merchants or we could do with the English have paid us for but now we are now all equal. Who would join me most of the crew joins and after a fight for the Captain of the North wind? Captain Mad Dog Jack with all of his crew that would go and sneak on board the North wind, killed the marines on board and sailed it out of the harbor and headed to Nassau.

  • 1715 – Nassau, New Providence – Tips about Spanish gold ship leave late in the season and they were taking a more direct route and this route takes them a good target. The gold ships were leaving Cuba late in the season and they sailed out of Havana and we were waiting off of Key West. The Ship where traveling through the Straits of Florida and as the sun set, the heavy winds and black clouds start to grow and we lost sight of the gold ship and from nowhere a terrible storm came up and it took all of our sailing skills to keep the ship afloat. When the storm was going so was a lot of our crew and the ship was a wreck but it survived, we know we were in the Gulf but where is the question were? We spotted a small island and head to it and the plan was to take on fresh water and make repairs. As our scouting party going out to find water they find a wretched Spanish galleon with a hand full of men, it take no time to kill the crew and we start to gather the treasure and we find that our ship can only hold a tiny portion of the treasure we work for 2 month recovering all the treasure and we find a cave and bury the treasure there. We sail out from the Island and 3 day a way the sail master work out a plan so that no one sailor could get the treasure. The captain drew up a map and all 28 crew member got a part of the map tattoo on them, so we all need each other to find the treasure.

  • 1715-1717 – Nassau, New Providence – Spending our money and enjoying the dark side of the town. And was raiding the West indies leaving very few survivors.

  • June 1717 – Nassau, New Providence – Meets the up and coming pirate Charles Vane. The two strike up a friendship, assisting each other by gathering intelligence on prizes, recommending crew members for one another, and other rowdy pirate activities (DPoTM – Reference number –2017-06-VTM-1718-032)

  • Dec 1718 – 3 days out of New Provenance Island – Captain Mad Dog Jack found a merchant ship they sail up to the large British Merchant ship no escort, beating on a port tack, provided the pirates with the initial advantage as they approached, on her starboard quarter. Their plan was simple…they would cut between the merchant and the wind and when she was forced to give way, they would board her. Sometimes simple doesn’t always work… when the pirates board the defenseless British merchant Before the pirates unbelieving eyes… dozens of British troop pours out of the ship hold. The fight ended before it ever began.

  • Dec 1718 – St. Croix – Mad Dog Jack surviving crew was transferred off the Lazy Duck Merchant vessel to the Cell at the Fort. At this point we all knew we were going to be hung soon or later for Piracy. A man came to the cell to get info on us and that man recognized Mad dog Jack as Kevin Regeal and he said you are the guy that beat to those 3 guy and killed the Magister son and Mad Dog Jack said that was me.

  • Jan 1719 – St. Croix – Mad Dog Jack was in the cell for over a month and he saw a few hangings but most of his crew was placed in Chain gangs to work on the Plantations on the island. Then a man came and asks some question about his time as a pirate. Why he became a pirate and how bad he was as a pirate and when he was done he left and Mad Dog Jack thought that soon it should be over. A few days later Mad Dog Jack was taken to an estate and there he was talked to about his family and how they have missed him and how he can still serve. Serve the family and lifelong and jack knew that this was his only chance to live.

  • Feb 1719 to 1731 – West Indies –For the next 15 year serving as Maryan Elder Ventrue, Matriarch of House Al-Karami her Ghoul, Body guard and ship captain of the flying hawk al Merchant ship. There was no company I worked for I cared letter of introduction and this was enough to get all the shipping business done with English, French, and spanish within the West indies and since he was a Pirate he knew how to avoid them and how to escape their traps.

  • May 1731 – Tortuga – Mad dog jack was pouched by Truth and He broke by bond and Truth explain Mad Dog Jack new situation. Mad Dog Jack explain that once he was rejected for his violent tendency he would never go back to that life of privilege he is now a pirate and a free man, will carve his way through this world and find a place for himself and he had a treasure to find and that day he became a Brujah in the House of Agmundr. The flying Hawk was left without a captain and the first mate was given a letter to present to Maryan Elder Ventrue, Matriarch of House Al-Karami

  • Dec 1731 to 1735 – West indies – would spend the next 4 year I learned what it meant to be Kindred and a member of the Camarilla and Since Truth want us to remain in the West indies we did and during that time we got a ship and a crew and began to enjoy his new life as a kindred Pirate.

  • Dec 1735 - 1755 – The West Indies – Mad Dog Jack found most of the piece of the treasure map, but there were missing piece and it took another 20 years to put all the piece together. In that year we hunted Sabbat who dares to sail my seas and merchant had to pay protection or be a victim of Mad Dog jack.

  • 1765 to 1775 – Gulf of Mexico – arrived on the island with a large merchant vessel and a ghoul crew and we meting down the gold and putting in Bar and marking the bars with symbol of the North Star and established my Quartermaster Mr. Black he will be the face of my company North Star shipping company no reason to waste all this gold on dark desires. Over next few years we commandeered many vessels to use for my shipping company.

  • 1775 to 1831 – Matagorda Bay – The North Star shipping company opens its doors and built a shipping empire shipping going up and down the Gulf of Mexico, undercut all my completion. In these year gave up most of his pirating ways to fight the local Indians to keep his company safe and Mad dog jack became the Wendigo The Evil That Devours he fueled the legend and any attack on company property was meet with horrible retribution

  • 1832 – Matagorda Bay – Met an oracle and told me that I need to leave the sea or I would die and I believed her and Mad dog asked how far should I go and she said take an ore and care it with you and are it until you meet someone that that mistake it for an shovel.

  • 1832 to 1836 – South Texas – Travel up and down the San Antonio River traveled with an outlaw gang called Jacks marauders.

  • 1836 March 1st to 6th – The Alamo, Texas – Watched the battle, and this changed my heart after I saw the cruelty toward the defenders of Texas and knew they would pay.

  • 1836 March to April – San Antonio, Texas – Attack any of Santa Anna force

  • 1836 to 1841 – San Antonio, Texas – Defended San Antonio from the Indians

  • 1842 March 5th – San Antonio, Texas – A Mexican force of over 500 men under Rafael Vasquez invaded Texas for the first time since the revolution. They briefly occupied San Antonio, but soon headed back to the Rio Grande. Hunt and kill lots of the enemy forces

  • 1842 Sept 11th – San Antonio, Texas – attack the Mexican force that come to San Antonio

  • 1846 May 9th – San Antonio, Texas – attack the Mexican force at resaca de la Palma

  • 1846 to 1848 –Southern Texas –during the Mexican war, hunted down and killed an Mexican soldier that was found. Stole what they had and any supply that the Texan could use was left for them to found. Anything valuable Mad Dog Jack kept

  • 1848 to 1897 –traveling all around Texas –was seen in gunfights, outlaw gangs, lynch mob's, gambling tables

  • 1897 –Dodge city – found a newly embraced Brujah Elle White and took responsibility for her until she was ready to be released, Assist her to hunt down her Sire and kill him

  • 1897 to 1902 –Dodge city area –was seen in gunfights, outlaw gangs, lynch mob's, gambling tables

  • 1902 to 1915 –San Antonio Texas –Defending the court of San Antonio Killing the Sabbat

  • 1915 March –Columbus, GA –He first meets Mila_Rurik. She needs a problematic neonate removed, and he is hired. She establishes a rapport with him over the coming years hires him off and on to retrieve artifacts and books for her.

  • 1915 to 1940 –San Antonio area –Hunt Sabbat and defend the Court of San Antonio

  • 1940 to 1946 –Mediterranean sea traveling to France –sailed out of Gulf of Mexico and to the Mediterranean sea to help the French resistance and to capture any Nazi treasure, returned to his roots of Piracy but only against the Nazis

  • 1946 to 1960 –West indies –Sailing around the west indies and the gulf of mexico

  • 1960 to 1980 –traveling all over Texas –traveling in Motor cycle gang

  • 1980 –San Antonio –Elysium is attacked by Sabbat, no one was killed at the attack later that night it was found that the Prince and the Seneschal was killed by the Sabbat. The Brujah and Mad Dog Jack saved the Primogen council from destruction from the Sabbat. The remaining of the year it is hard fight with the Sabbat they are entrenched in the south-end of the city.

  • 1983 –San Antonio –The war waged on with no end in sight, The Nosferatu found information on where the Sabbat leadership was and a strike team of Brujah, Gangrel, Tremere attacked and kill the sabbat and once the leadership was destroyed the war started to end and by the end of the year no more organized sabbat attacks. Mad dog Jack lead the Brujah during the attack

  • 1983-2002 –San Antonio and Austin –traveling in Motor cycle gang the Valkyries with Payback

  • 1994-1995 –San antonio –The Venture Influence war, This all started in mid 1994, there was a piece of property that was acquired from the Venture 20 year before by the Brujah. The Venture say it was stolen and the brujah call it acquired. The full weight of the Ventrue Influence might was brought to attack on any and all brujah holding and the attack was very effective in a short time the brujah was unable to move money, or use any contact or allies and worse they had turned many of their underworld contact against them. The Brujah elder James Cutter told his clan that he was in negotiations with the ventrue and soon it would be resolved but month after month went by and no change, the Neonates and ancilla was being kept at bay by Mad Dog Jack. On May 29th 1995 During a record storm the Brujah neonates and Ancilla attacked the Venture, Mad Dog Jack lead the attack. the Brujah attack all venture holding without the elders or the Primogen blessing. At the end of the night many brujah and Ventrue lay dead but the Elders did come to an agreement and the Venture got there piece of property. Due to the record storm there was no masquerade breaches.

  • 1999 –San Antonio –the city when to hell, after the red star hunter and more hunters came in and it was war

  • 2002 June 3rd –San Antonio –At a gathering held at the elysium of the Spanish Governor's Palace is sparsely attended, and while looking into those who are missing a letter is read by a member of the anarch movement declaring war on the Camarilla, Giovanni and Setites of the city by the Anarch Baron Roger Felton, a nosferatu. Within an hour all elysium's in the city are under attack by hunters, it is found that anarchs and hunters had raided havens of the city’s inhabitants with few surviving. The Camarilla, Giovanni, Setities and Unaligned are nearly wiped out, the Sabbat are worse of, no known survivors. It was the work of years that culminated in the destruction of 75 percent of the cities Vampiric society. Those that survived did so while locking themselves away in the old Alamo National Bank building which was an Elysium known only to a select few elders in the city. Sires, childer, friends, enemies died this night. The Anarchs of San Antonio made enemies of all other sides that night, and behind those bank vault doors, the survivors declared vengeance. Mad Dog was at the Spanish Governor’s Palace for the gathering and after the Declaration of war Mad dog attacked the anarch, buying time for other to escape,

  • 2002 June 4th – –for the safety of the city the prince has us retreat from the city, after the Retreat Mad Dog Jack become the sheriff

  • 2002-2012 – San Antonio –Protect the court from being hunter

  • 2012 March 19th –San antonio –During a very bad storm Mad Dog jack attacks a hunter cell with with his motorcycle gang and a few kindred and killed most of the hunters and secured a laptop that was given over to the Nosferatu for investigation

  • 2013 march 31th –San Antonio –The Weather center reports a large hail, ranging from pea- to baseball-size, Mad dog Jack gathered all that would go and rode out to a Hunter cell and kill all the hunters and burned the house to the ground, all informatino was given to the Nosferatu

  • DPoTM – Reference number –2017-06-VTM-1718-032



  • Vengeance - Siegrid-Agmundr House
  • Channon - Elder Tremere. Business partners
  • Payback - Have ran with her for decades


He has a weakness for dangerous women.
Has a treasure horde of gold
Has claimed Vengeance as his paramour
Is able to tell when a storm is coming
Beat a neonate almost to death that kept saying ARRR
He'll take any help that can keep up with him, so long as the city is secured.


  • "Value comes in odd places, and not where you think. Some may value Mad Dog for his trinkets or his strength of arm. I value him for his loyalty and discretion." - Channon
  • "It's always fun working with my man. His skills and presence make my little undead heart beat. He has my sword, and my love" - Vengeance
  • "The Pirate with a party where're he goes. Methinks we'll chip away at the blocka black ice this burg is frozen in from a couple different angles and it'll split wide open. What's done with the pieces, well.. will be decided by the man with the sharper tools." -Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "Mad Dog's attitude shares much with the outlook of the Anarchs. Strange in a city with such enmity between the Tower and the Movement, but in my experience, such Brujah serve well as Sheriff, and one can expect that understanding the tower's wayward children has apropos applications." -Felix Winchester
  • "We've got more in common than you'd think. And oh my God he's so interesting!" Heather
  • "I haven't seen a finer gentleman scoundrel since Clark Gable was giving Vivianne Leigh the vapors." -GeGe Giovanni
  • "You were the first male I let into my biker gang." - Payback
  • "He is a man who seeks riches aside from God's Grace, but he knows how to slay the unrighteous as well as anybody. For that, I value his assistance." - Eli Zook
  • "Jeg har lagt merke til en distinkt bluss for kjole når jeg ser medlemmer av huset hans." - Olaf
  • "Mad Dog comports himself as a member of the Movement. He would not be the first of his clan that I speak of so. That being said, his allegiance to the Tower is not, at this time, in doubt. I have a soft spot in my heart for spirited Brujah, and I therefore choose to know that he is a valuable ally to any in San Antonio who wish to better Kindred standing therein." - Felix Winchester
  • "I am sure that he can kill when needed, but subtlety is not his forte." - Richard Taylor
  • "Things are changing. When the time comes I think he will embrace his true nature. That, or he'll die like a stubborn fool. Either way works for me." Liliana Vieira Pisanob
  • "Fun, Fancy, and Oh the tales it tells!! Mad Jack must be so proud of his bandana!" - Gabriel Kole
  • "Easy to work with, polite, and allows us the freedom to move. Brother Samuel and I will enjoy seeing him again. I am here for little else than to solve problems." Gabriel
  • "He is good at neutralizing threats to the Tower." Richard Taylor
  • "I find the new prince of San Antonio to be companionable and pleasant. A fine choice, particularly for the Tower." - Priestess Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston

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