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Name: Madeline "Maddie" Mason

Supernatural Type: Forsaken

Union: Mercenary

Chartered Company: Bloody Claws Mercenary Company

Notable Traits:
A shy, and often withdrawn young wolf, she has little in the way of remarkable traits or features.

You all remember the stories we are told as children. The brave soldiers who courageously fought and died in the Silent Wars. The shining Elite who reached out and helped those beneath them when they needed it.
They forget to tell you about the rest of us. The Wolves, and the Mages. The Vampires and the Changelings. The Supernatural creatures that are the true heroes of society. The creatures that enlisted to fight wars, and to win them. The ones who save humanity from itself. The ones who just want to be accepted as equals, and who are shoved down and shit on by the Supernatural Suppression Act.
The ones who fight to eek out an existence in the Verge. The dark edges of space where we have been banished for the crime of not being wholly human. For being different. For being LESS.
My name is Madeline Ulhjert Mason. I am a Mercenary, a Pilot, a Marauder.
I am a Forsaken.
I am of Blood and Bone.
I am Uratha. I am Iron Master. I am Ithaeur.
And I am NOT Lesser.




  • Used by scientists for illegal experimentation
  • Quietly a political terrorist who fights against the Supernatural Suppression Act
  • Is Ragnar's Mate, just masquerading has his Pilot/Ward
  • Has a sister who is a mage
  • Comes off shy, but is actually more dangerous physically than Ragnar
  • Repelled a pirate fleet once by turning the spirits of their ships
  • Rumor
  • Rumor
  • Rumor

OOC Information


Player: Bee Moore

Player Email:

Storyteller: NYC VST

Storyteller Email:

Location: Columbus, GA

Pronouns: Maddie's pronouns are she/her, though neither the PC (nor the player) will be offended if your PC believes otherwise.


  • Irisa, Defiance
  • StarLord, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol I and II
  • Kaylee, Serenity
  • Octavia Blake, the 100
  • Five, Dark Matter