Madison Davis

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Madison Davis

Notable Traits:

  • Red feathers mixed in among her red hair
  • Rune tattooed on her left cheek
  • Wears fake hipster glasses
  • Member of the "Broterie"

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel (Coyote)



  • "Miss Davis is young - but that's to her benefit. She gets into trouble, makes mistakes, but does so earnestly. If anything - you should be worried about the things you *don't* know about." - Simon Flint
  • "Hun minner meg om meg selv når jeg var ung." - Olaf
  • "Oh, like fer sure, I know Coyote Gorgeous. The way she picks a lock? She's a fucking artist." - Karma
  • "Lovely little bird can't hide her bright feathers." - Rose Smith
  • "Be mindful of this one, or she'll take you for a mighty ride." - Liam Kincaid
  • "She was a whirlwind of fun during a rather boring and depressing decade, a rare find among the cattle." - Olaf the Beardless
  • "Unlike her brother, this one understands how to properly woo a woman." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "I like her, she's pretty cool. Totally thought she was a Brujah when she came into my pawn shop. Then again, our clans have always stood together. Also pretty awesome glasses." - Juniper Durham
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  • Even if she's a Neonate - she was adopted into the family of a very old, very traditional, and very powerful Elder. What, then, did she do to earn that dubious honor?
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Madison Davis

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: lol
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Sarah Farley